6 Ways To Avoid Awkward Money Issues This Christmas

Illustrated by Janet Sung.
Christmas is a time of giving, receiving and constant financial awkwardness. From stressing about how much cash to put in a card, to settling up a bill when everyone wants to pay in different ways, it feels like a festive financial butt-clench moment (FFBCM) is always just around the corner.
Case in point: Last Christmas, my friendship group did Secret Santa and a high-flying lawyer pal decided to ignore the £10 cap and bought me a wallet that cost six times the budget. Panic ensued. An argument broke out with a ferocity not seen since that time she picked up the bill without telling us, leading to angry cries of "WE'RE NOT CHARITY CASES". As Secret Santa approaches once again, I’m terrified she’s going to buy me a yacht.
Thankfully, there are several ways you can avoid such FFBCMs – like paying off your IOUs in seconds with PayPal, allowing you to sail through the season unscathed like a happy, festive…boat. Sorry, I’m really worried about the yacht thing.

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