The Best Plus-Size Sports Bras To Eliminate Chafing, Digging, & Bouncing

As more of us than ever are staying inside for the foreseeable future, we're turning to indoor workouts we can do in our living room. But nothing can ruin a good workout quite like an ill-fitting sports bra. Whether it digs in, chafes you, or just isn't supportive enough, it's uniquely distracting and frustrating — sometimes even painful.
People who wear a larger bra size may be especially affected. The options for plus-size sports bras are seriously under-served. Many retailers only offer options up to size DD, or have limited selections for band sizes. That forces people to squeeze in to wrong-sized bras, to double up on bras for extra support, or to wear non-sports bras during workouts, all of which is a recipe for discomfort.
If you're living this struggle right now, don't despair. We combed through reviews and recommendations to find the best plus-sized sports bras in the game. They're so thoughtfully designed, that you'll basically forget you're even wearing them while you work out. And that's the best endorsement a sports bra can hope for.

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