Workouts To Stream When You’re Stuck At Home

Photographed by Andi Elloway.
Working out at home is a funny beast – in the past, I've praised it as a great way to save money and guarantee you'll never have to queue for the shower. However it feels a bit different when we've spent a year and a half seeing the gym is a health hazard and you can only just start going to the classes you normally frequent again.
For many of us, not only working from home but also working out at home is the new normal. As well as all the standard benefits of exercise, it can give structure to your day and help you reframe your home space as somewhere you don't just rest in. It's one of the many ways we can stay #HealthyAtHome as encouraged by the World Health Organisation campaign that is helping those of us who are inside to make positive decisions that affect their physical and mental health.
There are already many incredible working out from home options which you can find here (some need equipment, some don't, and there is a variety of price points) but with workout spaces, classes and gyms all closed for now there has been an influx of new workouts to stream from home. Whether you're after barre or cardio, strength or stretching, there's a world of workouts you can follow, either on IG:TV, Instagram Live or YouTube.
We recommend checking out all the schedules and trying a range of classes to find the class style most suited for you. And thanks to the free IG Live/IG:TV/streaming format, you could be trying different workouts every day for the next few weeks. For free! Just make sure you have the right sports bra (no matter what your cup size) to withstand any jumping and you're good to go.

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