The Celebrity Instagram Stories You Have To Follow

Photo: Katie Jones/WWD/REX/Shutterstock.
When Instagram first debuted its "story" feature in 2016, it seemed like an ill-fated attempt to be a less-cool Snapchat. We had Snapchat stories. Who needs Instagram ones, too? But the Instagram interface was awfully user-friendly, and after over a year of having them, stories are essential parts of any social-media diet. I will easily spend twice as much time on Instagram stories as I do on Instagram itself — looking at a photo, it turns out, is less interesting than watching a scroll of photos that form a semi-coherent story.
The best Instagram stories come from the strangest of places, though. Not all celebrities partake in story-ing. Some opt only for Snapchat, while others eschew the medium entirely. Others, like Busy Philipps, have practically made a career of Instagram stories. And then some celebrities use Instagram stories only when they're promoting an upcoming piece of work. Interestingly, the best and most authentic Instagram stories often come from up-and-coming celebrities who aren't yet so famous that they have an assistant run their social media.
In the interest of giving you something to do when you sit on the subway platform, twiddling your thumbs, here are the best celebrities to follow on Instagram for compelling, actually engaging stories.
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