Your January Horoscope Is Here — Time To Dream Big

The first month of the new year has arrived. In astronumerology, 2024 adds up to an eight, which symbolises infinite abundance, eternal life, and ancestral guidance. This first month of the year is therefore about tapping into your ancestral intelligence and not trying to reinvent the wheel. All zodiac signs will be in the mood to reimagine their lives at the start of January, as Mercury, the Planet of Communication, ends its retrograde in the sign of Sagittarius at the start of the month.
It’s best to wait until the Capricorn New Moon strikes on January 11 before launching anything new, and use the 10 days after that new moon to set your intentions for the new year. Mars’ presence in Capricorn starting January 4 will amplify our collective desire for stability, encouraging us to avoid counting our chicken before they hatch. The Sun enters Aquarius January 20 at 9:07 a.m. EST, and later that day Pluto, the Planet of Transformation, makes its iconic re-entrance into Aquarius, where it will remain until September 2024.
The final 10 days of January are likely to be the most intellectually stimulating. Just when we thought life couldn’t get more feisty, the Leo Full Moon strikes on the 25th, reminding us of the importance of tending to our own needs before helping others. And finally, the month ends with Uranus, Planet of Surprise, shifting direct in Taurus on January 27, after a five-month retrograde that made us question our life path and overall purpose.
January 2024 is a month for the books — but remember that you are the author and protagonist of your story.
Read your horoscopes for both your sun and rising signs for the most in-depth forecast.

Aries Sun & Rising

Aries, as the new year begins your ruler Mars leaves Sagittarius and enters Capricorn for a six-week stretch. Mars in Capricorn encourages you to redefine your professional objectives and put in the work to see the rewards you’ve long-awaited. Now that Chiron is direct in your sign, you’re able to work through previous triggers that may have kept you stuck or indecisive. Use the fact that seven of our planetary bodies will be direct this month to launch important missions into high gear.
The Capricorn New Moon on the 11th kickstarts a six-month chapter in your life where you may receive more responsibilities and greater attention. Once Aquarius Season begins the 20th, you’d benefit from tapping into the power of community when making moves — you’ll get further together rather than moving solo. The Leo Full Moon on the 25th adds dynamic, flirtatious, and adventurous energy to your social and love life, helping you break free from self-imposed limitations in your most intimate and creative unions. And once Uranus ends its retrograde in Taurus on the 27th, you’ll feel more confident about decisions surrounding money and your self-esteem, allowing you to end the month on a high note.

Taurus Sun & Rising

Taurus, you begin the month of January with Jupiter direct in your sign, and this allows you to redefine yourself for yourself. This is a great tine to embark on a new chapter, especially if you’ve been dreaming of doing so during most of Jupiter’s five-month retrograde. The Capricorn New Moon on January 11 harmonises with your Taurus energy and reminds you of the importance of remaining disciplined and tenacious during this first half of 2024. Meanwhile, your planetary ruler Venus is in Sagittarius this month, encouraging you to break free from routine in your closest partnerships, and open yourself up to meeting new people from various walks of life. You may find it easier to do so once the Sun and Pluto both enter Aquarius on January 20 — you’ll be thrown out of your comfort zone, whether you’re ready for it or not.
The Leo Full Moon on the 25th squares off with your Taurus nature, which means some secrets from the past six months may suddenly be revealed. The key to flowing through this unpredictable month is to remain honest with yourself first and foremost, Taurus, and avoid living in denial just because you may feel uncomfortable with life’s plot twists.

Gemini Sun & Rising

Congrats, Gemini — you made it through Mercury’s retrograde through Capricorn and Sag. As the month begins, you’re in the mood to start over. Venus is in Sag, activating your partnership sector, and reminding you that there’s plenty of fish in the sea, whether you’re fishing for a new romantic, creative, or platonic comrade, the key is to put yourself out there with the spirit of optimism. This transit could make you impatient or restless though, so tap into the Capricorn energy (with Mars entering Capricorn January 4, followed by the New Moon in Cap striking January 11) to ground yourself through fixing key objectives for yourself and holding yourself accountable for meeting them.
Once the Sun and Pluto shift into Aquarius on January 20, you’ll be in your element, and this helps you break free from any mental or physical rut you may have found yourself in during the post-retrograde haze. The Leo Full Moon on the 25th amps up your communication style, and you may end the month celebrating a significant creative milestone.

Cancer Sun & Rising

As January begins, you’re still taking in the downloads from the full moon in your sign that occurred at the end of December. With the Sun and Mars both in Capricorn for the majority of this month, your partnership sector is lit up, encouraging you to solidify the connections that feel mutually fulfilling. Be present with people who see and love you, Cancer — a key relationship may reach a metamorphosis this month if you remain open to letting love in.
Once the Sun and Pluto shift into Aquarius on the 20th, your sector of depth and intimacy is activated, and learning the art of healthy emotional detachment becomes more of a priority for you. Remember that you can love someone deeply without needing to consume them. Use the Leo Full Moon on the 25th to do a release ritual where you break free from your own self-sabotaging tendencies and learn to embrace and sustain the abundance entering your life.

Leo Sun & Rising

Welcome to January, Leo! Capricorn energy dominates the cosmos as the month begins, and the majority of your attention will be on creating sustainable systems for your work and wellness routines. This may look like finding an accountability buddy to work out or study with, or limiting how much screen time you use on a daily basis. Once the Sun and Pluto shift into Aquarius on January 20, your sector of marriage and partnership is lit up, and this allows you to explore different relationship styles, such as polyamory, open relationships, or BDSM.
The highlight of the month is the full moon in your sign that occurs on January 25, followed by Uranus ending its retrograde in Taurus on the 27th. The combination of both transits will feel electrifying for you, as you can tell that it’s the beginning of a new era in your life, one where you leave behind the need to please others and focus instead on making your inner child happy and healthy.

Virgo Sun & Rising

Virgo, the month begins on a peaceful note with your planetary ruler Mercury ending its retrograde in Sagittarius on the first of the month. Once Mars, the Planet of Action, enters Capricorn January 4, you’ll feel a strong desire to create and to share your talents with the world over the course of the next six weeks. Whatever you’ve been working on behind the scenes during the final stretch of 2023 is now ready for the grand reveal, but your perfectionism may lead to you second guessing yourself.

Aquarius Season starts on the 20th, and with Pluto entering Aquarius that same day you’ll notice a significant shift in the cosmos, particularly when it comes to ways you’re of service to others. A part of you may suddenly withdraw from typical activities that people expect of you. You may not be in the mood to be as giving at this time, especially once the Leo Full Moon strikes on the 25th, followed by Uranus’ shift direct in Taurus on the 27th. Something major within you is shifting as the month comes to a close — give yourself time to unpack what that may be.

Libra Sun & Rising

It’s time to have more fun, Libra. With your planetary ruler Venus spending the majority of the month in Sagittarius, you’ll feel fiery, flirtatious, and daring as the year kicks off. But at the same time Mars will be in Capricorn, creating astrological friction with your Libra nature and leading to you feeling tension between what you want to be doing and what you’re expected to be doing. Use the airy vibes from Aquarius season — which starts January 20 — to find solutions to the perceived problems that may have emerged during Capricorn Season.

Pluto’s shift into Aquarius will remind you of the power of peacefully detaching from situations, especially those that aren’t within your control. The most free-spirited part of the month occurs on the 25th, with the Leo Full Moon activating your sector of friendship and social networks. You’ll feel ready to reveal your true self to people who love you for who you are, and not simply for what you can offer them.

Scorpio Sun & Rising

What do you really want for your life, Scorpio? And what are you willing to do to get it? These are your guiding questions during this transformative month of January. With your planetary ruler Mars entering Capricorn for six weeks on the 4th and activating your communication sector, you’re in a no-nonsense mood. People around you may still be in vacay mode as the year begins, but you’ll be strategising ways to secure your empire and make a lasting name for yourself.

Venus’ presence in Sagittarius highlights a desire for you to feel financially confident this month, but make sure you don’t become overly optimistic about your earning potential — the final degrees of Pluto in Capricorn are all about solidifying your foundation and moving with caution instead of making risky financial decisions. Once Aquarius Season begins January 20, followed by your second planetary ruler, Pluto, entering Aquarius later that day, you’ll receive a cosmic wake-up call reminding you of your most pertinent values. The Leo Full Moon on the 25th presents you with the opportunity to take centre stage in a public setting, either physically or virtually. Your mission as the month winds down is to let yourself be seen, Scorpio. No more hiding your talents due to your trust issues. The more you trust yourself, the more you’ll trust life itself.

Sagittarius Sun & Rising

Ready to be the centre of attention, Sag? With Venus spending the majority of the month in your sign, and your planetary ruler Jupiter now direct in Taurus as the year begins, you’re bound to feel more confident than you have in months. Use Mercury’s shift direct in your sign on the first of the month to set new year’s resolutions that connect you to the fresh start you’re ready to embark on. Then once Mars enters Capricorn on the 4th, you’ll start to seek tangible ways to enhance your lifestyle, such as asking for a promotion at work or looking into making new forms of income.
The Capricorn New Moon on January 11 kickstarts a six-month chapter of financial growth for you, as it occurs in your sector of money and self-esteem. It’s essential for you to not shy away from self-discipline, especially from January 11 to 21, which is the peak of the new moon energy. The actions you take during that period of time will set you up for a foundation of success for months and potentially years to come. Once Aquarius Season begins on the 20th, and Pluto also enters Aquarius that same day, you’ll start to lighten up after several weeks of grinding. Say yes to social invites or host your own kickback during the final 10 days of the month — perhaps right around the Leo Full Moon on the 25th. You’ll feel reinvigorated and open to letting people in, which will help you end the month on a positive note.

Capricorn Sun & Rising

This is a significant month for you, Capricorn. Mars, the Planet of Action, enters your sign for six weeks on January 4, filling your life with a deeper sense of purpose than you’ve felt in months. With Pluto also rounding out its stay in your sign during the first three weeks of January, you can tell that the decisions you make this month can significantly alter the course of this year for you, and you’re being asked to choose and move wisely and with great discernment. Venus’ presence in Sagittarius lights up your sector of spirituality and closure for most of the month, so even if you notice a fair amount of admirers surrounding you, you’re likely to be unimpressed, unless people show you who they are beyond the flattery and sweet nothings they may attempt to woo you with. You’re looking for the real deal, or else you’d rather ride solo.
Fortunately, once Aquarius Season starts on the 20th and Pluto leaves your sign that same day, you’ll realise that what you were looking for was right outside of your comfort zone. Use the Leo Full Moon on the 25th to take a leap of faith and shoot your shot regarding something or someone you’ve had your eye on for a while. It’s likely to pay off in your favour. 

Aquarius Sun & Rising

Your birthday season begins this month, Aquarius. But before we get there, the Sun, Mars, and Pluto are all in Capricorn, highlighting your sector of healing, closure, and solitude. You’ll feel like you’re in a period of incubation, so be kind to yourself if you’re in a more introspective mood during the first few weeks of January. Fortunately Venus’ presence in Sagittarius this month stimulates your social sector and helps counteract some of the serious Capricorn energy in the cosmos. With Mercury and Venus both in Sag, you’ll be in the mood to open up to people who proudly let their freak flag fly, while encouraging you to be your most authentic self.
Once the Sun and Pluto enter your sign on the 20th, the tides turn for the better. You’ll feel empowered and very much aligned with your values during this conjunction, and people will notice your charismatic nature and aim to be closer to you. Use the full moon in Leo on January 25 to discern those who are ride-or-dies from those who just want to be around you for clout.

Pisces Sun & Rising

Pisces, now that Jupiter, your planetary ruler, is direct in the sign of Taurus, you’re better able to communicate your needs and ultimate desires as January begins, and this will lead to you becoming a magnet for more of what your heart is seeking. After several months of fine tuning and scaling your ventures back, you have the green light to dream big, particularly once the Capricorn new moon strikes on January 11 and activates your sector of social networks. The more you strategise and move with discernment this month, the greater your opportunities will grow.
Once the Sun and Pluto enter Aquarius on the 20th, your sector of spirituality, closure, and healing is activated and you’ll be on the lookout for people who can help enhance your mindfulness practices. Doing yoga, deep breathing, meditating, and journaling are likely to be some of your activities of choice, and you’ll also feel very connected to your dream world, as the messages you receive while asleep will feel quite pertinent to your waking world. Take time to process all of these intuitive insights that you’re receiving, Pisces. A whole new world exists beyond the logical one we’re taught to believe in. Keep tapping in.

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