The Irregulars Soundtrack Is All Over The Place — In A Good Way

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Spoilers are ahead. Fresh off the heels of Bridgerton, Netflix is back with another period drama set in 19th century London, The Irregulars. The two shows are quite different, but one thing they do have in common besides the century and setting is that The Irregulars soundtrack is peppered with modern music. It's no Vitamin String Orchestra cover, but there is some Billie Eilish to be found.
The Irregulars, which is about a group of streetwise teens who find themselves inextricably connected to Sherlock Holmes while trying to navigate their own supernatural mysteries, is not breaking the fourth wall with its selection of tunes or making some kind of meaningful parallel to today's world. It's not jarring, either. It's just keeping a light, fun, relatable tone.
Not every episode features a recognisable or modern track. Plenty of the show is simply scored, with electronic instruments or violins (Sherlock's instrument of choice) or some combination of the two. Within the narrative of The Irregulars, there's also a kind of sea shanty that Bea and Jess' mother sings — which may be more time period-appropriate and is, somehow, the trendiest tune you'll hear while watching the series.

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