The Spooky Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2 Trailer Has Glowing Ghosts, Stolen Kids & Murder

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
“Why is it important to find out why a person died 25 years ago? People die all the time. I think it’s important for the family to know what happened to her.”
It's with this eerie sentiment that we're introduced to Netflix's Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2, the second instalment of the popular true crime series reboot that aired in July.
In the new trailer for Volume 2, we get a sense of the six episodes to come, which will feature interviews and analyses of particularly intriguing cold cases around the world. This season's mysteries explore the disappearance of two children in 1989, a lady in the lake (sounds like a real-life Bly Manor situation), the murder of a political Washington insider, a death in Finland, a death row fugitive who's currently on the US Marshall’s 15 Most Wanted List, and ghost sightings that have been thought to have been brought on by the devastating 2011 tsunami in Japan.
The original Unsolved Mysteries show, which has aired on-and-off since 1987, tended to focus more on the paranormal, and this season seems to lean into that theme more than the last. Congrats, all you spooky OG fans.
Since the reboot first aired, we've gotten some more clarity about some of the cases that were detailed throughout the series, thanks to the ability for viewers to send tips at the website, which are then sent to law enforcement if they're deemed credible.
Watch the trailer Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2, coming to Netflix 19th October.

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