Keeping Up With Meghan & Harry Just Got That Much Harder

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The next chapter of former royals Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's lives is all about them doing their own thing on their terms as private, financially-independent citizens. In a major step towards building their own separate brand, the couple has reportedly decided not to return to social media in the near future — you're going to have to get your Sussex fix elsewhere.
Meghan and Harry famously ran the popular @sussexroyal Instagram account for more than a year, sharing everything from daily inspirational quotes to behind-the-scenes shots of their global travels. In March 2020, the pair decided to officially shut down the royal account at its peak (more than 10 million followers!), closing the door on the page with a post that seemed to hint that they might one day return to Instagram to connect with their fans.
"While you may not see us here, the work continues," read the post. "We look forward to reconnecting with you soon. You’ve been great!"
It's now been a year since the page was active, and it looks like that post was actually the last we'd see of Meghan and Harry across any social media. The former royals are reportedly moving away from social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook), likely a response to the overwhelming vitriol that Meghan constantly received online. A source close to the spouses and business partners told The Sunday Times that Meghan and Harry have “no plans” to utilise social media for any of their new endeavours and are “very unlikely” to make a personal comeback on any platform.
Meghan and Harry eschewing the predicted IG influencer route doesn't necessarily mean that you won't see them online in any capacity — financially-independent citizens have to make money, too. Rather than being influencers in the traditional sense, the pair is devoting their energy to the budding Archewell empire and all of its projects.
As part of Archewell Productions, they've signed deals with multi-million dollar deals with both Disney and Netflix, and Archewell Audio will be officially launched via a Spotify podcast. Additionally, the Archewell Foundation will work to fund and partner with import nonprofit organisations fuelling social change around the work.
Suffice to say, Meghan and Harry might be too busy taking over the world to run an Instagram page right now. At least we'll have the podcast and the roughly fifty million projects they have lined up.

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