Every Song You Hear While Watching The Teenage Bounty Hunters Do Their Thing

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The music in Teenage Bounty Hunters immediately sets the tone for the series. The first episode introduces us to our protagonists, twins Blair (Anjelica Bette Fellini) and Sterling (Maddie Phillips) who are actually pretty different from one another as their preferred hookup music shows. Throughout the series we hear how Blair is defined by artists like Nine Inch Nails and the heavy metal genre and Sterling is more of a Kacey Musgraves kind of girl. 
Just like how the show isn't subtle about its plot (it's all there in the title: teens hunting bounties), it's not that subtle with the music either. Most of the song titles and lyrics hit you over the head with their storyline meaning and reinforce how you're supposed to feel at any given happy or dramatic moment. The importance of music extends into the plot of the show itself, with several original songs making an appearance.
Sterling's boyfriend Luke (Spencer House) takes up the guitar and writes her several terrible tunes, including one about falling in love with her that he sang at the memorial for their teacher that died. It was spectacularly ill-conceived. But it also gave us lyrics like, "When we got the news, we only heard the gloom / but by God's grace, there's a silver lining to Koontz' tomb" (it was that Sterling got to plan a great memorial) and "when push comes to shove, death came for him / and I fell deeper in love." Amazing.
Blair also sings an original song in episode 8 when she goes undercover as an emerging teen popstar while working a bounty hunting gig. Her song is actually good, though, and Netflix should record a real version to release.
As for the already-recorded songs featured on the show's soundtrack, here are some of the best ones for the biggest moments.
Warning: There are spoilers for Teenage Bounty Hunters ahead.

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