The Umbrella Academy Is Going Nuclear

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Netflix’s delightfully dark comic book series The Umbrella Academy is back with a second season, and this new chapter is even more chaotic than the first go around. In season two, the super-powered siblings will face off against yet another doomsday, but time isn't exactly on their side.
Quick refresher for you: the season one finale of Netflix original revealed the sheer force of Vanya’s (Ellen Page) sound-based abilities. Ironically the most powerful member of The Umbrella Academy, Vanya entered a heightened emotional state and fired an energy cannon towards the moon, sending its pieces hurtling towards the earth at top speed. She and her siblings narrowly avoided the world being blown into bits when Number 5 (Aidan Gallagher) transported them into another period of time.
But the new point in time that Number 5 finds himself is also on the brink of destruction. A first look at the second season reveals that he's jumped almost 60 years back in time to 1963, where a literal war is raging on the streets of Dallas. His siblings are already on the frontlines, and from the looks of it, they've been fighting this battle for a long time.
Vanya is destroying nuclear bombs, Klaus (Robert Sheehan) has dispatched his ghost army, Luther (Tom Hopper) is throwing around soldiers, Diego (David Castañeda) is curving bullets, and Allison (Emmy-Raver Lampman) is literally blowing minds. Their brother Ben (Justin H. Min) is there too, using his monstrous powers to terrifying the ranks from above.
"5, you sick son of a bitch!" yells Diego mid-battle. "Where the hell have you been?"
But before Number 5 gets a chance to join up with his siblings, familiar face Hazel (Cameron Britton) appears out of nowhere. The time traveling assassin provides the young hero with a timely emergency exit when nuclear weapons are deployed to stop The Umbrella Academy.
"You can't save [your family] if you're dead," Hazel says solemnly. So off he and 5 go into the time loop while the other Hargreeves head into certain death.
Time jumps are a staple in The Umbrella Academy canon, but it looks like season two's timeline will be even more scattered; the supersiblings were dropped into the same place at different times, following vastly different paths to find each other in 1960s Dallas. All roads lead to the apocalypse, but this season will will require your full attention if you want to keep up with its action-packed story line.
Season two of The Umbrella Academy will be available for streaming this Friday, July 31, only on Netflix.

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