These Are The Best Lululemon Leggings For Your Fitness Goals

Photographed by Caroline Tompkins.
Since we've all been confined to our homes during the coronavirus pandemic, there has been no real need to squeeze ourselves into skinny jeans that cut into our waist. The recent lockdown means all of our exercise classes take place at home, we no longer have to wear "outside clothes" and it has made us truly appreciate a good pair of leggings that make you feel thankful — they make you forget you're wearing anything at all. In a great pair of leggings, you are your truest self, both naked and styled at the same time.
For me, the pinnacle of pants existed in a pair of black Lululemon leggings I got in college. I wore them everywhere: To class, to the gym, at work, in yoga, during half marathons, to family functions. It’s possible I went overboard. So I was shocked to my core when a Lululemon salesperson told me last summer that my favourite leggings — the pair of leggings I’d run hundreds of miles in — were actually more suited for yoga than running. It was as if I’d paired dark chocolate with a white wine instead of a red. It was a mistake.
As it turns out, you can make the most out of your Lululemon leggings if you pair them with the right kind of fitness. Some are better for lower or higher impact activities. But when you go into the store and you’re surrounded by a sea of leggings, it can be intimidating to know which pair to go with for yoga or for HIIT class. In an effort to sniff out the differences, I tested a few different varieties of leggings at different exercise classes. Here’s what I discovered.

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