Andrew Scott Is “Really, Actively” Looking To Be In A Rom-Com

PHoto: Courtesy of Amazon Studios.
Andrew Scott heard you all calling him a hot priest and ran with it. The actor, who's starred in shows like Sherlock and a recent episode of Black Mirror, rose to virality this year after his role as The Priest in season 2 of Fleabag. He and the lead character, played by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, have a tense, complicated, and sexually charged relationship that results in a memorable scene in a confessional.
He plays Tobin on Amazon's newest show Modern Love and hopes to jump directly from there into rom-com territory.
“I would absolutely consider doing a rom-com," he tells Refinery29. "I’ve played a lot of villains in my time. I was actively looking to play something that was a little nearer myself [regarding Modern Love]. I'm a little more romantic. I’d love to do more.
In Modern Love, Scott plays a writer who adopts a baby with his partner. However, the unborn baby's 19-year-old homeless mother comes along too. She lives with the family at the end of her third trimester, and their worldviews end up clashing, creating a totally new type of family.
Scott's rom-com potential isn't just personal — he has a giant audience practically salivating for more of him on screen. Waller-Bridge explained why on Saturday Night Live, saying, “Obviously, Andrew is hot, but this priest character caused such a horn-storm. Andrew and I were trying to figure out what it was about him that was driving women so mental. We boiled it down and realised he was doing this one thing: listening. Really, really listening. Try it, guys.”
Plus, rom-coms are compelling territory for an actor, he explains.
"Romantic comedy is a really underrated genre," Scott continues. "It’s something I really, actively, am looking for. It’s something I really want. I think the way love manifests itself in the world is endlessly fascinating, from Romeo And Juliet to Brokeback Mountain. We want to see how love manifests itself. We're never going to tire of that."
Or perhaps the real fact is: We're never going to get tired of Andrew Scott.

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