Mindhunter's Dark & Twisted Season 2 Trailer Holds A Warning

"Have you got somebody, Holden? Someone you can’t catch?"
A new trailer for season two of Netflix's Mindhunter is here, and a familiar, and intimidating, voice is the first thing audiences hear. It's Ed Kemper (Cameron Britton), the serial killer and FBI confidant. He's teasing Holden Ford (Jonathan Groff), who's in the middle of hunting another killer in a new case. This time, he's looking for the person, or persons, responsible for the Atlanta Child Murders, a real catastrophic chain of killings that took place in the Georgia capital during the late 1970s and '80s.
"This person you’re after, he has an overwhelming fantasy life," Kemper ominously warns Holden in the clip, which was released exclusively to press and will soon be available to the public. "Fantasies of what he’s done. What he wants to do. His dreams will consume him. And soon the real world won’t even compare."
Kemper, of course, could be talking about more than the man responsible for the crimes down South. As seen in the trailer, and in the first new photos from the show's sophomore season, there are a few serial killers being monitored and questioned by Holden and Bill Tench (Holt McCallany), including Charles Manson, a man in a creepy mask, and a yet-to-be identified curly-haired inmate. There are also scenes of a child-sized body outlined with crime scene chalk, moms protesting, and a particularly chilling moment with a wooden white cross.
In the midst of Kemper's creepy words, we also see a brunette woman slowly approaching her rattling bathroom door. She opens it and notices that there's something tied to the other side of the door knob. Her eyes widen, and she starts to wail.
Are you ready for this season? Mindhunter season 2 hits Netflix 16th August.

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