Meet The Six Ridiculous Characters In Chris Lilley's Netflix Show Lunatics

Photo: Brendon Thorne/Getty Images.
Welcome to the cult of Chris Lilley. As Lilley's famous character Mr. G would say, "Come inside."
Lilley is the Australian comedian, writer, and mastermind behind the bonkers shows Summer Heights High, We Can Be Heroes, and Ja'mie: Private School Girl. Each of his shows follows the same schtick: They're mockumentaries in which Lilley plays every subject. So on Summer Heights High, Lilley played Jamie, a self-absorbed exchange student at the public school; Jonah, a struggling student; and Mr. G, a drama instructor. Perhaps you remember Mr. G's magnum opus, a play about the dangers of teen drug use.
With Lilley's new Netflix show, Lunatics, launchign today (19th April), Lilley's approach to comedy is set to go viral — for better or for worse. Because as popular as his shows were among some, they also generated significant controversy: Lilley has been called out for cultural appropriation for playing characters like Jonah, who was Tongan, in addition playing a Japanese mum and a Black rapper in Angry Boys. Others criticised him for trivializing the problems of teenage girls — problems that he's never had.
So when the trailer for Lunatics dropped, some Twitter users accused Lilley for dressing in blackface to play the South African character Jana. However, according to producer Laura Waters, Jana is not Black. It appears that Lilley is avoiding transracial impersonations from now on.
These are the six characters in Lunatics. Decide for yourself.

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