Rebel Wilson Thought Liam Hemsworth Was Too Hot To Be Funny

Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures.
Rebel Wilson has proved many times over that she's funny, but when it came to casting her latest co-star Liam Hemsworth, she wasn't sure if he could put the com in rom-com.
In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, the Isn't It Romantic star and producer said that at first, she wasn't sure that someone as good-looking as Liam Hemsworth would be funny.
"Normally people who are so hot like that aren't funny," said Wilson. "Turns out that he's such a legend and the funniest guy."
"Good move of me casting him," she added.
If you were to ask Hemsworth's older brother Chris, however, he might give Wilson credit for bringing the funny out of him. In a 2017 interview with Page Six, Chris Hemsworth said that his time in Ghostbusters and Saturday Night Live — both productions with many women at the forefront — allowed him practice his comedic timing before the very funny Thor: Ragnarok.
While the youngest Hemsworth has a good sense of humour, according to Wilson, Liam lacks a bit in the dancing department. Priyanka Chopra, she says, is the best dancer due to her experience in Bollywood films, but Liam left much to be desired. "He just gave it his all," she said.
"He's handsome and funny, don't need to do everything right," joked Degeneres.

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