Homecoming Has A Secret Post-Credits Scene & It Changes EVERYTHING

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Spoiler alert: this article contains spoilers for Amazon's new series, Homecoming.
Each episode of Homecoming, the newest drama on Amazon, gave us a tiny piece of the world's most complicated puzzle. By the finale, however, it all made sense. Mostly. We learned what happened between Walter (Stephan James) and Heidi (Julia Roberts), why Heidi doesn't remember any of her time at the facility, and what Geist was really up to. It also seemed like Colin (Bobby Cannavale) was finally getting what was coming to him — and he does! But then a scene that plays after the credits of the show's final episode turns everything upside down.
If you missed this secret scene during your first watch of the series, then this is just another reason to go back and rewatch the Hitchcockian show. If you did happen to catch it, though, then you probably have a lot of questions.
The scene is a continuation of the sit-down between Audrey (Hong Chau) and Colin as she confronts him about the incident at the old Homecoming offices. He agrees to take responsibility for the event, signalling that his time at Geist may be coming to a swift end. He asks Audrey to note that he's being compliant.
"He'll bear that in mind, won't he, Mr. Geist?"
Audrey appears to be fading, perhaps already worn from her new job or just emotionally drained, but promises that they'll bear it in mind.
After Colin exits, Audrey, visibly shaking, reaches into her purse for a vial of red liquid labeled "LAB USE ONLY." She rolls it on her wrists like perfume, and then settles, relaxed. End of scene, end of season.
Homecoming makes no effort to explain this interaction, but people on Reddit have their own ideas. Namely, since the concept of a "roller" was something they spoke about launching earlier in the meeting, then it seems to be what Audrey was using and the same medicine that was given to patients at the Homecoming facility. The project shut down, but it appears they didn't stop making the drug, and perhaps have perfected to the point that it can erase specific, recent memories. Of course, that brings us to the next question: Why would Audrey want to erase the memory of her firing Colin? Is it just because it gives her anxiety, or was she ordered to? After all, we don't know anything about this new position of hers.
In fact, we don't know anything about Audrey. Vulture suspects that she could be Mr. Geist, since we've never met the character. Colin's question ("He'll bear that in mind, won't he, Mr. Geist?") could also be interpreted as a hint, since you can read it as him addressing Audrey as Mr. Geist, depending on whether or not you see that final comma as a comma or an em-dash.
But if we're getting into the nitty-gritty of grammar, then maybe we're thinking a little bit too hard. We likely have a whole year until season 2 lands on Amazon, if we assume that it will premiere at the same time as season 1, so let's not burn out our brains too quickly.
If you're really hankering for more, then why not check out the podcast that it's based on. Season 2 of that Homecoming is all about hunting down Walter, who we know is enjoying a quiet life in a cabin in California. Now that's a nice memory we don't need to erase.

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