7 Burning Questions We Have About Homecoming Season 2

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So, you've finished Homecoming at Amazon, and you're ready for more? You've come to the right place.
After a thrilling 10-episode binge, it's only natural to wonder what's next for Heidi (Julia Roberts), Walter (Stephan James), Colin (Bobby Cannavale), Shrier (Jeremy Allen White), and Thomas (Shea Whigham). Luckily, Amazon Studios has already confirmed a second season for the series, according to The New York Times, and even luckier, Gimlet Media has already set the stage for an extended story by confirming a second season of the popular podcast. A confirmed date for a follow-up season of the show hasn't been announced yet, but it likely won't be released until late 2019 or early 2020. The cast has also not been announced, but if we follow the trend of the original podcast, then it's safe to assume Roberts and the gang will reprise their roles.
But before we talk about what's to come, let's recap where we left off.
Season 1 ended with Heidi finally taking that road trip out West. Her trip, inspired by Walter's dream as a kid to make it to Yellowstone Park and make a life for himself alone in a new town, was teased throughout the first season. It made sense that Heidi and Walter would be reunited outside the Homecoming facility, but it was tough to watch the two interact with so many years and memories lost. Colin is in hot water at work, and Thomas is in involved in a bigger Department of Defense/Geist scheme than he realizes. And poor Shrier is nearly unrecognizable, working as a gardener. Now, let's get into the biggest, burning-est questions that season 2 should answer.
Does Walter remember Heidi?
I hope so!!!!! I want them to build that deck together! But part of me thinks that if she runs out of the diner and calls out for him, asking if the fork was a secret message for her to know that he remembers, and still likes her (please kiss please kiss), all she'll get back in return is a shrug. I think that him fidgeting with silverware might just be a personality tick of his that he can't control. But I really, really want that small detail to mean that he remembers her, but he just wasn't sure if she remembered him back.
Note: I'm also compelled to start a #HomecomingChallenge, where people move a fork to say "I love you."
If he does remember her, does he hate her for what she did to him?
It's more likely that he doesn't remember her. I don't think Walter has a hatea-filled bone in his body. At the end of the day, she did her best to save him from going back to war. That should be enough?
Will Colin actually get fired or find a way to stay involved at Geist?
This snake-y snake will definitely find a way to stay involved at the company. In fact, this snake may find a rat (Craig, played by Girls star Alex Karpovsky) to take his place as the scapegoat. We didn't see Craig in the 2022 timeline at all. Could he be even higher up than Colin? Or is he, like Heidi, long gone and haunted by his work at the facility?
Is Colin's wife more involved in Homecoming than we realize?
His wife knows about everything her husband does in a day and doesn't seem bothered or concerned by his reprehensible actions or behavior, unless he's being rude during a dinner party. They also share that box of secrets, an anti-communication tool they use to avoid conflict, which is basically a tub of blackmail for her to use at anytime. If she ever needed safety from the repercussions of Colin's actions, she'd be safe. But if she's pulling strings behind his back, then he's the one that will need to run to safety.
Exactly how powerful is Geist?
They're deleting memories out of soldiers minds, and making dish soap at the same time. What kind of company is this? Did they accidentally come across those jungle red berries and realize a side effect of consumption was memory loss and then sell the idea to the D.O.D.? That's what I'm imagining, but we really have no idea. I cannot wait to meet Mr. Geist. May I suggest one Brian Cox (Succession's Logan Roy) to fill the role?
Why did Thomas excitedly run off after finding that leaf in his pocket?
I really thought we would get an answer to this at the last minute. For a second, I believed that maybe it was some special Yellowstone Park leaf and he would pop up in the diner with Heidi and Walter, too. But alas, we will have to wait. I do have one theory to add: when Shrier handed the leaf to Thomas, it was completely brown. But when he took it out of his pocket, a day later, it looked greener, and healthier. We never found out where exactly Shrier was working. Is he still being fed harmful drugs? Drugs that deteriorate more than just his minds?
Speaking of, what is going on with Shrier?
As I wrote above, Shrier is in the worst state of them all. Is Shrier an example of what happens with a soldier is not properly withdrawn from the drugs? Is he a part of another experiment?
But if you just can't wait, then why not listen to season 2 of the podcast in the meantime? It features Michael Cera Spike Jonze, and more Catherin Keener. What better way to pass your time?

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