All The Extremely Good Actors In Amazon's Homecoming

Photo: Courtesy of Amazon.
Peak TV is officially here. Yes, yes: Rumors of this cultural moment's arrival have been sprouting since Mad Men and Breaking Bad. But maybe it's Homecoming, an Amazon Original Series, that best signals its arrival. The fact that Julia Roberts, America's A-list sweetheart, has moved from the big screen to a headline a TV show on a streaming service proves that pop culture has morphed into a new beast entirely.
Homecoming, which airs in its entirety on Friday, November 2, encapsulates a changing media landscape for many reasons (starting with Roberts appearing in her first-ever TV show). It is one of the first in an upcoming wave of TV shows based on podcasts — a sentence that probably couldn't have existed until Serial turned podcasts into cultural events in 2014.
Homecoming sets the bar high for all podcast-to-show adaptations. The stylistically ingenious series centers on the Homecoming Initiative, a shifty organization that purports to help returning veterans ease back into civilian life. Roberts plays Heidi Bergman, a woman who, years earlier, was a caseworker for the organization. Homecoming excels due to its forever off-kilter and unfolding plot— and for its insanely talented cast of A-listers, including Roberts.
Here's who you'll see on your screen.

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