How The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Is Reinventing Your Favorite Characters

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There's something you should know about The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, out 26th October on Netflix: This isn't the Sabrina you remember from re-runs watched after school in the early 2000s. While the TV shows share source material – like Riverdale, they're both based on Archie Comics — Sabrina the Teenage Witch and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina differ in interpretation, big time.
The ABC (and later WB) comedy Sabrina the Teenage Witch, which ran from 1996 to 2003, was essentially a light-hearted family comedy about a very unconventional family. At 16, Sabrina (Melissa Joan Hart) unlocks her magical powers, and relies on her eccentric 500-year-old aunts to guide her through this strange new world.
Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina takes these witch coming-of-age elements and makes them witchier and darker. Here are all the actors reinterpreting your favorite Sabrina the Teenage Witch characters — and the entirely new additions, too.
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Sabrina Spellman, Then

Played By: Melissa Joan Hart

Fun fact: Before Sabrina the Teenage Witch was converted into a sitcom, it was a TV movie of the same title starring Melissa Joan Hart — and Ryan Reynolds as her love interest. Despite her paranormal abilities, Hart's Sabrina always seemed like the girl next door.
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Sabrina Spellman, Now

Played By: Kiernan Shipka

For those of us who watched Mad Men, Shipka's new position as leading lady is enough to make us bleary eyed. After all, it was only yesterday that Shipka was Sally Draper, Don Draper's eldest child who progressed from minor presence to central figure over the course of the show.
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Salem Saberhagen, Then

Played By: Nick Bakay

Over a decade after the sitcom's finale, Salem the talking shorthair cat stands out as the most memorable part of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Salem was the show's wise-cracking source of comic relief, always in sharp contrast to Hilda and Zelda's fairy godmother-like personas. Salem, however, wasn't actually a cat. He was a warlock sentenced to 100 years of imprisonment in a cat's body for trying to take over the world. Casual.
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Salem, Now

In The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Salem is a nondescript black cat without the ability to speak. But Salem's not actually a cat at all. He's Sabrina's familiar — a goblin trapped in the body of a cat, dedicated to protecting and helping Sabrina.
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Zelda Spellman, Then

Played By: Beth Broderick

Zelda Spellman was the authority figure in the Spellman household, but still kind-natured (especially when compared to the new Zelda). While Beth Broderick is most recognizable for her work as Zelda, she also appeared on Sharp Objects as one of Adora's (Patricia Clarkson) pearl-wearing friends.
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Zelda Spellman, Now

Played By: Miranda Otto

The new Zelda Spellman is a nascent fashion icon, a Satan-worshipping queen, and absolutely terrifying — in the best way possible. Otto is an Australian actor best known for her stint as Eowyn in The Lord of the Rings movies.
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Hilda Spellman, Then

Played By: Caroline Rhea

Hilda Spellman was the goofier of Sabrina's two aunts. After Sabrina, Caroline Rhea moved into the reality TV and talk show realm. She hosted the successor to The Rosie O'Donnell Show, called, of course, The Caroline Rhea Show.
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Hilda Spellman, Now

Played By: Lucy Davis

The world is divided into people who prefer the British version of The Office to the American one. Those who fall into the British Office camp will especially enjoy The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Lucy Davis, who played Dawn Tinsley (aka the British Pam), stars as Hilda Spellman, Sabrina's significantly nicer aunt.
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Harvey Kinkle, Then

Played By: Nate Richert

Even when he and Sabrina aren't dating, Harvey was always a constant presence in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. They're soulmates, after all.
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Harvey Kinkle, Now

Played By: Ross Lynch

Ross Lynch rose to fame with the Disney Channel show Austin & Ally. Last year, Lynch surprised his loyal Disney Channel fans when he took a role as the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer in the chilling movie My Friend Dahmer, set during the killer's early days. In Sabrina, he's back to being sweet. Lynch is also a musician and is currently in the band R5.
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Mary Wardell

Played By: Michelle Gomez

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina features many new characters, too — and Michelle Gomez's Mary Wardell is one of the most sinister. Mary is a teacher at Sabrina's high school with bad intentions. If you're familiar with Gomez's stint as the first woman Master on Doctor Who, then you already know how good she is at playing a villain. And if you're not: Prepare to be delighted.
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Father Blackwood

Played By: Richard Coyle

At high school, Sabrina has to contend with Mary Wardell. And in the witch world, she has to deal with Father Blackwood, a dogmatic and vindictive high priest.
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Cousin Ambrose

Played By: Chance Perdomo

Sabrina lives with Zelda, Hilda, and Ambrose, her charming, rule-breaking pansexual cousin on perpetual house arrest. This is Perdomo's first onscreen role, but after Sabrina, you know it won't be his last.
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Rosalind Walker

Played By: Jaz Sinclair

Move over, Valerie and Dreama — Sabrina has a whole new set of best friends in The Chilling Adventures. Jaz Sinclair plays Rosalind, Sabrina's bookish and passionate friend. In the past, she's appeared in movies like Paper Towns and Fun Mom Dinner, as well as TV shows the The Vampire Diaries and Easy.
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Susie Putnam

Played By: Lachlan Watson

Susie, Rosalind, and Sabrina are the ultimate friend group. While Susie in Sabrina is their biggest role to date, Watson has appeared in the TV shows Nashville and Drop Dead Diva in the past.
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Played By: Tati Gabrielle

You don't know mean girl until you've met Prudence. To catch more of Tati Gabrielle's acting, check out The 100 on Netflix.

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