The KUWTK Scene You Have To Keep In Mind After Kourtney's Reported Breakup

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The last two years have been a major adjustment period when it comes to Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick’s relationship. Both halves of the co-parenting unit began new relationships: Kardashian with then-23-year-old model boyfriend Younes Bendjima and Disick with then-18-year-old celebrity daughter Sofia Richie. Everyone swore in Keeping Up With The Kardashians and tabloids alike that these couplings, both with noticeably younger partners, were proof Scourtney (Kott?) was o-v-e-r after more than a decade of breaking up and making up.
Well, there’s some good news for everyone who has been praying to Kris Jenner we hadn’t seen the last of Kardashian and Disick together. Kourtney Kardashian is supposedly back on the market. TMZ reported Tuesday that Kardashian recently broke up with Bendjima, leaving a space for Lord Disick to swoop back in. While we’ve cautioned against hoping these two reunite like star crossed mythological lovers, even this past Sunday’s KUWTK season 15 premiere “Photo Shoot Dispute,” hinted one such reconciliation is almost inevitable.
Considering just how well Disick’s in-episode parameters for a romantic reunion with his ex match-up with real-life conditions, you should probably keep one very special scene in mind as news about Kardashian’s breakup dominates headlines. The premiere proves the latest version of Disick and Kardashian, lovebirds, could be around the corner.
During “Photo Shoot Dispute,” Khloé Kardashian, with the backing of Kim Kardashian, asks Disick apropos of nothing if he thinks “in a few years” he and Kourtney “will finally get married.” Yes, this is something the Kardashian family is still dwelling on (so why shouldn’t everyone else?). The interesting part of this question is that Khloé recognises out loud that Disick is “happy,” and it’s suggested he’s happy, specifically, in his relationship with Richie. So, it stands to reason a happy Disick would tell the Kardashians he cares about Kourtney, but isn’t thinking about marrying the mother of his children anymore. That’s not at all what happens.
“We always said we would try to get back together when we were, like, 40,” he explains, stressing he’s still in his “early 30s.” Disick adds that qualification specifically to prove he and Kourtney have years to get back together. When Kim attempts to say both her sister and Disick might think the other one is too “crazy” for things to work out, he defends their reunion possibilities, shrugging, “Eh, it’s fine.” It is nearly impossible to believe Richie would enjoy this scene.
Well, Kourtney Kardashian is now quickly heading towards her and Scott’s minimum age requirement to reassess their relationship. While this episode filmed in late autumn 2017, when Kardashian was 38 and Scott was still 34, time has moved on. Kardashian turned 39 this past spring and will turn 40 in eight months, come April 2019. Disick also solidly hit his mid-thirties, placing him very close to the big 4-0, in May 2018, when he rang in his 35th birthday.
Even the reason for Kardashian and Disick’s original break up in 2015 — the latter’s relentless partying despite having a family waiting at home — seems to be as resolved as it will ever be. A few minutes after Disick’s Kardashian konversation in “Photo Shoot,” secondary surrogate mom Cici Bussey asks him if he’s sober. For a legendary playboy like Lord Disick, he gives a shockingly responsible answer. “Here and there I’ll have wine or Champagne or things like that,” he admits. “But in balance. I don’t really have any reason to go wild any more.”
Tellingly, actual headlines about Disick’s partying ways have plummeted in the last year. In fact, one of the only standouts in 2018 merely began Sofia Richie breakup rumours. In early June, a handsy, but sober-seeming, Disick was seen with a mystery woman at pseudo brother-in-law Kanye West’s Oklahoma listening party.
In another KUWTK moment that will get Scourtney shippers' hearts fluttering, Disick tells Bussey, “There always is some feeling in the back of me that feels guilty because I’m moving on from Kourtney.”
Throughout “Photo Shoot,” Kourtney Kardashian’s own sky-high anxiety becomes a running theme. When viewed in a certain light, the constant conversations around her ex-boyfriend’s new relationship — there are three — could be seen as the background noise possibly adding to Kardashian’s emotionally fraught attitude.
Keeping Up With Kardashians season 15 may only just be getting back into swing, but between Disick’s trip to Oklahoma, Kardashian’s breakup, and the looming aftermath of their detailed quasi-relationship reevaluation pact, we should expect an inevitable season 16 to be very, very wild. And, at this point, it just might offer the Scourtney reunions some fans have been hoping for since 2015, okurrrr.

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