Where To Move If You Want To Earn More & Work Less

Photographed by Molly DeCoudreaux.
Would you like to earn more, but work less? It sounds like kind of a stupid question because the answer is so blindingly obvious. For many of us trying to climb the career ladder today, maintaining some semblance of a work-life balance can feel like a constant struggle.
Well, according to new research by Expert Market US, millennials looking to boost their salary without sacrificing downtime might want to consider a move to... wait for it... Luxembourg.
The compact European city-state was found to the best place in the world for earning more but working less, with the average millennial earning £3,144 monthly for 33 hours in the office per week.
Millennial workers in Luxembourg also benefit from an average of 32 paid leave days a year - seven more than the average millennial working in London. It's no wonder, really, that it's been named one of the least stressed cities on earth.
Munich and Paris completed the top three, with Expert Market US noting that both cities offer an "exceptional work-life balance for ambitious earners".
London actually finished a very respectable 10th on the list of 69 key economic cities located across the world. The UK capital placed ahead of New York City (13th), Berlin (16th), Sydney (21st), Madrid (24th) and Los Angeles (38th). The average millennial Londoner was found to earn a shade under £2,100 a month for 34 hours of work per week.
Below, check out the top ten cities for earning more but working less. Interestingly, every single one of them is located in Europe.
1. Luxembourg
2. Munich
3. Paris
4. Helsinki
5. Lyon
6. Copenhagen
7. Rome
8. Dublin
9. Oslo
10. London
In case you're wondering, the average flight time from London to Luxembourg is just 1 hour 14 minutes. Hmm, does that count as commutable?

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