Who Plays Skye On 13 Reasons Why & Where Do We Know Her From?

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Skye Miller (Sosie Bacon) is one of the many complicated, inspiring, and relatable characters on Netflix's stand-out series, 13 Reasons Why. In season one, she was the mysterious and moody barista, who befriended a distressed and tormented Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette) as he struggled with the death of his classmate and close friend, Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford).
In season two, out May 18, Skye is back with an even bigger role (we can't reveal how exactly), while still continuing to call Clay out on his bullshit. And if Skye has been in your head, or was one of your favorite characters, or you just can't figure out why she looks so damn familiar, even with her space buns and neck tattoos, we are here to help.
Bacon, 26, is the daughter of Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon and has been acting since she was a young teenager. Her first role credited on IMDb was as a "10-year-old" in a film starring her parents. Bacon appeared in a few short films and television shows, but really had her break-out role in the popular and controversial Netflix series. After 13 Reasons Why came out, Bacon also appeared in a Lifetime TV movie directed by her mother, Sedgwick, and starring her father, Kevin. The movie, Story of a Girl, is about a teenage girl whose sex video goes viral, and has many parallels to the stories told in 13 Reasons Why.
In between filming 13 Reasons Why, Bacon also appeared in the HBO drama Here & Now which tackles a breadth of social issues and draws comparisons to This Is Us for its powerful story of families and the bonds they share. Next up, the actress is starring in Charlie Says, a film about Charles Manson, his crimes, and the young women that stood by his side. Bacon will play his real-life right-hand woman, Patricia Krenwinkel. Today, Krenwinkel remains incarcerated for her crimes committed under the influence of Manson.
Off-screen, Bacon looks like your average, famous, super cool twenty-something. She posts throwback pictures with her dad (Footlose! Mystic River! for all you kids in the back), and shouts out her friends on their birthdays. But on-screen, as Skye, you can bet she isn't sharing birthday posts on Instagram. Instead, she is navigating the complex inner-workings of being a teenager in a place like Liberty High, with its bullies and cliques. Like the other minor characters on the show, we haven't heard much about Skye's back story, but we do know a few things about her to help understand why she is so sympathetic to Clay: she's honest, she's not concerned about what other people think about her, and she has her own personal struggles. She's one to look out for when you start binging season 2 — pay close attention to her journey, because it's an important one.

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