Who Is Chloe? Why We're Worried About This 13 Reasons Why Character

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The new season of 13 Reasons Why is almost upon us, and with it promises the return of many familiar faces. We will catch up with Clay (Dylan Minnette), Jessica (Alisha Boe), and, yes, even Hannah (Katherine Langford) when the Netflix series returns, but they won't be the only characters we'll follow in season 2. One new character, Chloe (Anne Winters) makes an appearance in the teaser trailer for 13 Reasons Why, and unfortunately, we already have reason to worry for this Liberty High School student.
The teaser for 13 Reasons Why was released Monday night, giving us our very first real look at the show's sophomore season. In the stylised video, we see Bryce (Justin Prentice), the high school predator who raped both Jessica and Hannah over the course of the first season, hanging out with Chloe. Via Polaroids, we see Chloe slumped over in her chair, asleep — or possibly even drugged. Bryce wears a sinister smirk, implying that a vulnerable Chloe could be sexually assaulted next.
It's a horrifying image, especially when you consider that other moments in the teaser suggest someone is protecting Bryce by threatening people who could talk about his crimes.
Chloe is a brand-new character this season, but it seems that her chosen extracurricular activity could put her in Bryce's orbit. Winters told FLARE of her upcoming role on 13 Reasons Why:
"[Chloe is] a cheerleader. It’s funny because I had been working on the show before it had got released to the public, so I didn’t really say anything and also I can’t say much. I can’t really tell you too much, but I can say that I am one of the new characters and you will see a lot of me. Chloe is a very different character than other people I’ve played."
Winters also told PopSugar that her character will fit a "mean girl" stereotype, but also be much more than that below the surface.
"I think I represent the blurred lines — in season one it's very black-and-white of what's right and wrong — and I think my character explores a very medium line. I'm really happy that I got to portray this character. I think a lot of girls will relate to it. I definitely did."
How Chloe fits in with the rest of the students at Liberty High, and what will happen between her and Bryce, we'll have to wait until season 2 drops on May 18 to find out.
If you have experienced sexual violence of any kind, please visit Rape Crisis or call 0808 802 9999.

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