Evan Rachel Wood, Star Of Westworld, Was Getting Paid Less Than The Men

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On the heels of Westworld season 2, Evan Rachel Wood shared that she didn't receive pay parity with her male co-stars on the show's first two seasons. In fact, until now, Wood had yet to receive equal pay.
"I almost got emotional [when I got equal pay]," she told The Wrap in a video interview. I was like, ‘I have never been paid the same as my male counterparts. Never, never.'" For Westworld, the pay disparity is almost understandable, given the level of talent. Wood is working with Hollywood's finest — there's Anthony Hopkins, James Marsden, Ed Harris, and Jeffrey Wright, all heavy hitters. Not to mention, the female cast includes Thandie Newton and Tessa Thompson.
"Westworld, it's like, I get it," Wood explained."Because I'm like, well, you know, you're Anthony Hopkins. Or, like, Ed Harris. But I think now we're doing equal amounts of work and really hard work."
The interviewer pointed out that, Anthony Hopkins or now, Evan Rachel Wood is the face of the show. As host Dolores, Wood is the epicentre of the sprawling HBO series. She's in every advertisement and she narrated a good chunk of the first season.
"There's a lot of politics," Wood admitted. "But there's a lot of things that are now being talked about in a different way." For season three, though, someone did reach out to Wood to let her know specifically that she'd be on par with her co-stars.
"Somebody made a point of being like, 'Hey, you're getting this. And you deserve it,'" she said. Rachel Brosnahan, star of Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, was also present in the interview, and she added that sometimes, when it comes to pay parity, you just have to take what you can get.
"There's a lot that goes into negotiating salaries on projects. But also, sometimes, the truth of the matter is..."
"You're afraid to lose the project!" Wood interjected. At this point, it seems clear that Westworld isn't going anywhere — time to negotiate up, ladies.
Westworld season 2 starts on Sky Atlantic on 22nd April

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