What These New Westworld Regulars Mean For The Show

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Westworld is a confusing show. So confusing that there are entire subreddits devoted to parsing — and eventually figuring out —  the show's puzzles. With season 2 premiering on April 22, we can expect a whole new batch of tantalizing, infuriatingly opaque twists. Alas, we can't solve those mysteries yet, even if Westworld's creators briefly teased us by promising to spoil all of season 2 in a video.
There is one season 2 mystery we can solve, though, and that's the new cast members. The universe of Westworld is expanding to encompass another park called Shogun World. With a larger universe comes the need for a larger cast, too — new visitors to the park, new Westworld security to clean up the hosts' revolution, new androids to populate Shogun World, a park inspired by feudal Japan. The addition of these regular cast members means, more than anything, that we're finally getting to see the larger world that surrounded the action of Season 1.
Many of the new cast members aren't quite household names yet — but they are coming close. Westworld season 2 will feature a Twilight werewolf, a Skarsgård brother, and Rogue One star, among others. Here's who you should look out for, and what their role may mean for Westworld season 2.
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