Kendall Jenner Loves That She Can Give Her Nieces & Nephews Back When She's Done With Them

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The Kardashians and Jenners are multiplying at a rapid pace. In the past few months, they welcomed babies Chicago West and Stormi Webster, and they're expecting a third girl to arrive soon. It's only a matter of time before their Ferraris start to look more like clown cars and less like high-end racing machines.
But, there's one member of the family who won't be piling into a flashy mom mobile just yet.
Kendall Jenner visited Ellen on Thursday and revealed that she's still got a ways to go before thinking seriously about having a child.
"I have moments when I'm like, 'Do I have baby fever? Do I want a baby right now?' But I don't, I don't," she said, later adding that her siblings having kids "adds a lot of pressure" on her to do the same.
We can't blame her for wanting to hold off on starting a family either. She's young, at the top of her career, just scored a new Vogue cover, and may or may not be in a new relationship with basketball player Blake Griffin. And, if her recent spat with Sofia Richie, who's dating Jenner's sister Kourtney's ex-beau, Scott Disick, tells us anything, it's that she might need a little time to mature.
Fortunately, Jenner can get her fill of her sweet nieces and nephews almost any time she pleases.
"I can wait for a little while longer, but it's awesome because I have all these little babies to play with," she said. "So I can play with them and then just give them back. They're all really cute."
Being the cool aunt definitely comes with its perks. For starters, you're not the one who has to wake up in the wee small hours of the morning for feedings or diaper changes. You also don't have to come up with and enforce the rules, so the little ones won't ever blame you for saying no to having ice cream for breakfast. But, perhaps one of the best parts of being an aunt is that you have plenty of time to watch and learn. That way, when you are ready, you'll already be a (somewhat) seasoned pro. Ah, who are we kidding, you're never truly prepared for parenthood!

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