This Is Why Amy Schumer Is Happy She Got Married So Quickly

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As as close personal friend of Amy Schumer's (in my dreams), I was shocked I didn't get some kind of heads up text about her surprise wedding. So was the rest of the world, actually. Last we heard, the actress had split from longtime boyfriend Ben Hanisch, but the next time we saw her she was walking down the aisle with chef Chris Fischer. The two had known each other for a year before tying the knot, and according to Schumer, who appeared as a guest on fellow comedian Nikki Glaser's new podcast You Up w/ Nikki Glaser, that's what makes their relationship so great.
"Part of the thing that’s good about us getting married so quickly is that we’re so in love," she gushed, comparing her relationship to those of her friends' who seem to wait forever for a proposal. "Every girl I know, if they get proposed to they’re like, 'Oh now? Now that I can’t have kids?'"
It's safe to say the married life has been treating her well, and she's enjoying all of its newness.
"It's still a novelty," she told Glaser about calling each other husband and wife. "Somebody went to sit next to him and he was like 'My wife is sitting here," and then I got back and he was excited to tell me that he said that. I just have been really overusing it, to a degree that's insane, completely uncalled for."
However, this happiness doesn't mean there aren't any downsides.
"I've been thinking of certain things...This show is called You Up, right? I don’t ever think I’ll get a text like that again," she confessed. "You know what I mean? And that made me really happy, but also really sad."
But judging by their vows, the happy outweighs the sad any day. Apparently, Schumer's were written in 20 minutes, and included jokes like "You make me laugh, you make me smile, you make me feel loved, you make me food" and a promise to continue going down on him. As for Fischer, his vows "blew [hers] out of the water so hard."
Now that we're emotional, let's take another look down wedding memory lane (where, yes, John Early officiated):


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