You Won't Believe Which Celebrity Officiated Amy Schumer's Wedding

Amy Schumer shocked all of us when she confirmed this morning that she had indeed married chef Chris Fischer on Tuesday. Just a day before Valentine's Day, a whole slew of celebrities gathered to celebrate the comedian's happy day, but if you take a closer look at the photos Schumer posted on Instagram, you'll notice a guest that will definitely surprise you. Actually, not just a guest — the very person who officiated this secret ceremony.
Who? Weekly podcast host Lindsay Weber was one of the first to point out that the person officiating the wedding looks a lot like comedian John Early. Even better, it looks like Early in drag as one of his most famous characters, Vicky.
Vicky is the sassy, chain-smoking, midwestern character that Early portrayed most famously in his episode of Characters on Netflix.
Refinery29 has confirmed that that was indeed Early as Vicky who officiated the wedding, and wow would I pay good money to get some video of that ceremony. The bell sleeves, jeans, and I believe denim stole emblazoned with "Reverand Vicky" are almost enough on their own, but I won't be satisfied until I hear Early-as-Vicky scream "lookin' for my denim" in front of a crowd of Hollywood A-Listers and also David Spade.
This is just the cherry on top of a great month for Schumer. Last week, the trailer for her upcoming film I Feel Pretty was released, and shortly after she partied with her not-yet-husband at Ellen DeGeneres' birthday party.
Congrats to the happy couple, and if Vicky is available for future weddings, I'd like to get my name on the list for that right now.
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