Kendall Jenner Just Quit Her Apps & Is Ready For Her "Next Chapter"

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I have some app-solutely app-auling news for an app-t group of people: Kendall Jenner is shutting down her personalised website and apps in the year 2018. As someone who plans on binge-watching Black Mirror when it comes out in three days, I feel like I myself am one step away from deleting my own apps, social media, and online presence in general. (Just kidding, Twitter. I could never.)
Okay, okay: let's focus on what going on. Jenner says that she will no longer be updating her app and coordinating website site in the coming year. The model and social media star announced the news the day after Christmas, which also happens to be the day that everyone is wondering what's going on with her sister Kylie's rumoured pregnancy. So it comes as no surprise that after this year of bombshell-related Kardashian-Jenner news, the only one who isn't constantly being watched by the masses would slowly start to distance herself from providing her fans with around-the-clock, curated updates.
The 22-year-old shared the news (ironically) on the itself, writing: "As I look ahead to the next year, my goals and priorities are changing. I’ve had an incredible 2+ years connecting with all of you, but I’ve made the difficult decision to no longer update my app in 2018. I hope you’ve enjoyed this journey as much as I have, and am looking forward to sharing the next chapter with you. Love, Kendall."
From this message, it's clear that Jenner isn't abandoning her fans or completely cutting her cords. I'd venture to say that she just wants to keep things personal. She isn't trying to share her organisational skills or honey obsession with her ardent fan base. Instead, she wants to live her life, sharing specific moments on a whim just like any other 20-something with an iPhone.
This isn't the first time that Jenner has changed her social media game. Earlier this year, she deleted her Instagram following the release of the Pepsi commercial. Later, she received additional backlash from a dedicated stan account due to claims of cultural appropriation. But this time, it's different: She isn't deleting a social feed because she is hiding, just making a resolution to create a more authentic version of herself in 2018 and beyond.
As of now, it's unclear if all the previous content is permanently scrubbed from the site, and if the entire domain will eventually disappear since the only message currently on the site is Jenner's good-bye note. But if you're reading this and your name is Kendall James, or Kendall Johnson, and you're in the market for a site featuring your moniker: Keep an eye out on the domain, because you may have just gotten a belated Christmas present.

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