A Sneak Peek At The Sabrina Reboot Indicates There Will Be Visions, Fire, & Forests

Riverdale creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa gave fans their first look at concept art for his Sabrina reboot on Twitter, and he was not kidding about the darkness factor. In the artwork, you can make out a figure (we presume it to be Sabrina) crouched in the woods, surrounded by ominous trees and the light of the fire reflecting the shadows. It is labelled "woods vision concept," indicating that whomever we are watching is having a vision — but is it through clairvoyant powers, witchcraft, or something else?
Concept art for a show typically gives viewers insight on what the idea of a show will look like. The finished product doesn't always look exactly like the concept art, but will be similar in tone or mood. Based on what we have for Sabrina, the art hints that we might see an exploration of the historical components of witchcraft. Salem and its infamous witch trials are obvious choices for the show to reference, but the use of fire in the concept art could hint at Sabrina learning to control her powers or trying to escape persecution for using her powers.
As we get more hints about what the first season might have in store, it might be easier to figure out where the danger might be coming from, especially since the comic that the show is based on hinted at dark magic and Satanic worship.
There's no official release date set yet for the show, though Netflix has already ordered two seasons, with 10 episodes each. We don't know many details about the project, though actress Dove Cameron has been a fan favourite to play the title character.
Sabrina will be based on the comic with the same name, focusing on Sabrina Spellman as a 1960s teenager. Though other versions of the character have been more lighthearted, coming back to the darker roots of the show will help draw in viewers, especially if they are coming from Riverdale success.
News first broke of the Riverdale spinoff show, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, back in September, but since its initial announcement, significant changes to the show has been made. Originally slated for the CW, Sabrina has since changed networks in favour of Netflix, which can work in its favour as there will be more creativity when it comes to the dark tone of the show.
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