Dove Cameron Could Be Riverdale's Sabrina Spellman & It's Time To Get Onboard

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We're still two episodes away from the season finale of Riverdale, but already we're hearing what to expect from the show's second season — specifically, who may play a familiar face in the Archie Universe.
As reported by Just Jared, fans on social media are eyeing Liv & Maddie star Dove Cameron to portray the teenage witch — and it's as genius casting as having Cole Sprouse slip on Jughead's grey beanie.
For those uninitiated, Sabrina Spellman — aka the character that Melissa Joan Hart brought to life in the '90s sitcom — is very much a part of the Archie Comics universe. She lives across Sweetwater River in Greendale, a town where magic is very much a thing. In fact, it's Sabrina's presence that has given life to the popular "zombie" fan theory, as in comic book Afterlife With Archie, it's Sabrina who inadvertently causes the zombie apocalypse when she attempts to bring Jughead's pet Hotdog back from the dead.
Right now, rumors of the Hairspray Live! actress heading to Riverdale are just that — rumors. But it's not stopping fans of The CW mystery drama from hoping that Cameron will show up on the series, spellbook in hand:
Cameron herself has even commented on the casting hope with a very curious "Hmm."
She then retweeted the official Archie Comics Twitter account's "thinking" emoji responding to her intrigue. It certainly sounds like both parties are acknowledging the rumors — will they consider making the casting choice legit?
It certainly wouldn't be out of left field for the series to bring Sabrina into season 2. Showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa teased to Entertainment Weekly that "Sabrina has potential with a capital P." In fact, before Aguirre-Sacasa was running Riverdale, he penned comic series The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, a darker take on the classic character fans know and love. Hmm, a darker twist on iconic, idyllic characters? Sounds a lot like, well, Riverdale.
Of course, we'll have to wait and see if the teenage witch actually shows up to mingle with the rest of the Riverdale players — and if Cameron gets the gig. She certainly looks the part and has major fan support, so maybe it's time for the producers to ask her to recite a spell or two on camera.

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