The Internet Thinks Adam Driver & Keanu Reeves Are Twins Now

Photo: Samir Hussein/Samir Hussein/WireImage.
The Internet is collectively losing their minds over the uncanny resemblance of Adam Driver and Keanu Reeves in a face-swap shared on Twitter.
A composite photo of the two actors that has been circulating on Reddit for more than a year resurfaced on Twitter recently and we make no exaggerations when we say we did a complete double take.
"Face-swap Adam Driver and Keanu Reeves and you just feel confused and slightly lost," the tweet reads.
The more you look the more confusing it gets. Honestly, which side is which actor anymore? Did Reeves secretly star in The Last Jedi? Is Driver the man behind The Matrix?
The over 34,000 retweets prove plenty of people think these two are long-lost twins. As the tweet went viral, people had a lot to say about the unexpected lookalikes.
While the idea of the two actors having similar features seems to have only become a topic of discussion recently, it turns out that people have thought this for much longer. In fact, people have been tweeting about it for years!
Tweets making the connection started to appear on Twitter as early as 2014, only a couple years after we first got to know him as Adam Sackler on Girls.
"Can they make a film where Keanu Reeves is Adam Driver's uncle/dad/step-dad/something," an early tweet requested.
Another called Driver a "dead ringer" for Reeves.
Can we all agree that we now need a movie starring the two of them? Maybe a Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure reboot where Bill and Ted travel in time and meet one of Ted's relatives from the past? Just a suggestion.
Whether Driver and Reeves end up in a movie together or not, we can't unsee the face-swap photo.

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