Girls Finally Reveals How Adam & Hannah First Met

Photo: Jojo Whilden/HBO.
If you asked even the most longtime of Girls fans how Hannah (Lena Dunham) met Adam (Adam Driver), they would probably say, "I don’t know — at a party?" Their guess would be the most logical assumption — season 1’s "Crackcident" warehouse party is still one of Girls’ most iconic moments — but, it would end up being wrong.
The HBO show finally cleared up that mystery in "Full Disclosure," which couldn’t be more appropriate. The Girls team made sure only the most dedicated viewers found out the exes’ unexpected backstory, as the reveal played during the season 6 episode’s credit sequence.
After the installment seemingly ends, we get a peek at Adam’s awful biographical film Full Dis:closure about his and Hannah’s doomed romance. We see the fake version of Hannah (Daisy Eagan), AKA Mira, pulling a classic Hannah by rocking a novelty T-shirt and eating candy straight out of a plastic grocery store bin.
That’s when Adam and his terrible season 1 hair appear from behind a counter to yell at Hannah that he’s "calling the police" since she’s stealing and all. While viewers understand why Hannah probably shouldn’t be contaminating entire vats of carob almonds, she doesn’t, asking grocery store employee Adam, "What? Why?"
Because this is a movie, Adam’s response perfectly encapsulates Hannah as a person.
“Look at you. You have no self control, eating right from the bin,” he says while moving from behind the counter towards her. After chatting about Hannah’s plans to become a writer, Adam pulls a pen out from behind his ear and writes his phone number on her palm, like it’s 1985 as opposed to 2012.
As Adam scrawls all over the inside of Hannah’s hand, she mumbles, “Ow.” The extremely on-the-nose metaphors continue when Adam replies, “Good. If it hurts, you’ll always remember.” You know, like their relationship, guys!
The actor’s decision to give Hannah his number, as opposed to her chasing him, is interesting, since Adam says in another part of Dis:closure he avoided her “for so long.” That must mean Hannah texted Adam after the grocery story incident and he straight up ignored her for as long as possible.
It’s no surprise their relationship tanked with that foundation.

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