This Upsetting Theory About Stranger Things Kind Of Make Sense

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
The success of Stranger Things has catapulted the stars of the show into unprecedented fame, and while only good things are on their horizons, Digital Spy speculates that it could have a pretty shocking impact on the Netflix series.
One of the biggest breakout stars from the series is Finn Wolfhard, who plays the Mike to Millie Bobby Brown's Eleven. Aside from ST, he also recently garnered praise for his role as Richie in IT. He's already signed on to appear in the sequel come 2019, and also has roles in the upcoming 2018 films The Turning and Dog Days. As happy as we are for the 14-year-old, Digital Spy asks a question we may not want to hear the answer to: What's going to happen to Mike?
If Wolfhard has this many upcoming projects planned, it stands to reason that he may not have as much time for Stranger Things season 3. As Reddit can tell you, fans were already kind of disappointed with his role in Chapter 2, saying he mostly pined for Eleven, was rude to Max, and wasn't given any kind of character development. Sure, this could just be because this season wasn't as much about his storyline, but we can't help but worry that this is the writers' way of prepping us for something big: his death.
If Wolfhard doesn't have as much time for Stranger Things, Digital Spy posits that he could be written out, resulting in a death that would certainly answer the question of how this story could possibly keep going. Plus, it would free him up for even more projects, which it is safe to say nobody would be disappointed with:
When one door closes, many, many doors open, but in case Netflix is listening, we're not ready to say goodbye to Mike just yet.

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