Riverdale's Alice Cooper Has Officially Become Reputation-Era Taylor Swift

I can't speak for the citizens of Riverdale, but Mädchen Amick's Alice Cooper has gone from my most despised character to one of my absolute favourites. Sure, she could be a little nicer to her daughter Betty (Lili Reinhart), but you have to respect a woman who unapologetically gets things done — be it publishing a story about the Black Hood or confronting her Southside Serpent past by wearing a very Taylor Swift-esque snake-inspired outfit to a classy Riverdale function.
Speaking of Ms. Swift, it seems that Alice's "Look What You Made Me Do" moment wasn't the only way Betty's mother would channel the pop star. Amick took to Twitter to share details from this week's episode of Riverdale, titled "Chapter Twenty-One: House of the Devil," and it sounds like Alice's saga perfectly matches up with the journey Swift takes on her new album, Reputation.
The other thing that matches up flawlessly? Alice's latest hair evolution, which looks a lot like the 'do Swift is currently rocking.
"#SPOILERALERT - The 4 stages of #AliceCooper in tonights new #Riverdale ep: 1) Hmm thats intriguing. 2) Attempting to heal old wounds. 3) Coming face to face with skeletons in her closet. 4) If ya cant beat them, join them."
Here's the style Swift rocks for her Reputation art.
For review: Swift's new album directly confronts her haters, her past mistakes, and her new identity as a pop culture villain. (A clever narrative construction, or an honest portrayal of Swift's infamous celebrity feuds? We may never know.)
As for Alice, she's had a similar experience: After spending years crafting her persona as an upstanding citizen of Riverdale, it all came crashing down when the Black Hood forced her daughter to publish an account of Alice's past with the Southside Serpents. Basically, the Black Hood spilled the tea on Alice's past, just as, say, Kim Kardashian did with her "receipts" on Swift.
So Swift and Alice are total kindred spirits, in hair and in drama.
While the "New Year's Day" singer seemingly embraced her bad girl persona for Reputation, Alice may also be descending to the dark side. "If ya can't beat 'em, join 'em" could refer to Alice getting back in with her former gang — and would certainly explain her edgier look. (Pastel pink and robin's egg blue do not go with that Serpent jacket.)
Oh, Riverdale. Look what you made Alice do.

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