Rayanne From My So-Called Life Just Went From Rebel To Royalty

Photo: Mark Seliger/ABC/Getty Images
My So-Called Life had a tragically short TV lifespan: Despite its special place in the pop culture sphere, the series only boasted one season. Still, the teen drama certainly launched careers. Claire Danes, who starred as angsty Angela, is a three-time Emmy winner. Jared Leto, who portrayed ultimate dreamboat Jordan Catalano, has both an Oscar and a popular band. Wilson Cruz, who portrayed Ricky, was a Broadway star and is currently running that lawsuit on 13 Reasons Why.
But what of A.J. Langer, who portrayed Rayanne Graff? She might have the most surprising post-Life career of them all.
According to a new interview with People, the real-life Rayanne is actually a Countess, who lives in a castle.
Kind of different from her days hanging out in Tino's basement, no?
Langer continued acting after the cancellation of My So-Called Life in 1995 (her many credits include Private Practice). In 2015, she moved from Los Angeles to the English countryside to live in her husband Charles Courtenay's ancestral home of Powderham Castle. The permanent move across the pond came after Courtenay's father's death. With his dad's passing, Courtenay took over the title of Count, making Langer a Countess.
Langer told People that becoming a Countess was a little more complicated than expected.
"It was, 'Welcome to the patriarchy,' which I had never experienced," Langer told People, which is such a Rayanne thing to say. "People only asking me questions about the kids and the house, me talking to a bank manager and him responding to my husband. We did walk into a culture that had been very Downton Abbey."
Hmm...maybe Langer should schedule tea with Meghan Markle, just in case the Suits actress ever marries into the Royal Family?

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