Those Archie-Cheryl Incest Theories On Riverdale Need To Stop, Says Madelaine Petsch

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Much like Jughead Jones, Riverdale is weird. Weird in the best possible way, of course, but also weird in a "cousins having twins together" kind of a way.
I am, of course, referring to the fact that Jason Blossom (Trevor Stines) and Polly Cooper (Tiera Skovbye) are straight-up blood relatives, with the Coopers renaming themselves as part of the ongoing maple syrup blood feud.
(Like I said: weird.)
That's not the only pairing that Riverdale fans have accused of incest. Madelaine Petsch is here to shut down rumours that Cheryl Blossom and Archie Andrews are related, making that one-time kiss between them perfectly acceptable.
Petsch's Cheryl may have only adored her brother Jason in an appropriate family way (at least, so she claimed), but fans are still convinced that K.J. Apa's Archie might have some secret ties to the Blossom family as well. They do have the same red hair, and the Blossoms were very excited to groom Archie to take over Jason's place in the maple syrup company.
However, in Petsch's interview alongside Apa with Glamour, the actress officially declared these two genetically different.
"Well, we’ve kissed on the show, so let’s not give the incest thing any more fire than it needs!" Petsch joked to Glamour after Apa teased that he's "wondered" if Cheryl and Archie were family.
She added:
"I personally think no. I know plenty of other redheads that I’m not related to personally."
Cheryl may not be gaining a long-lost brother in Archie, but she is getting a new love interest. When asked if it would be a boy or a girl (plenty of fans, including this one, are shipping Vanessa Morgan's Toni Topaz with Cheryl really hard) Petsch gave Glamour a very coy answer.
"We'll find out. TBD!"
Whoever Cheryl's love interest is, I'm here for it. (As long as it's not one of her cousins.)

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