How To Get Away With Murder Season 4, Episode 6 Recap: "Stay Strong, Mama"

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There are only two episodes of How to Get Away with Murder left before the show's winter hiatus. And surprisingly, we already know a lot of answers to the show's mysteries.
This week, we learned two major details: why Isaac (Jimmy Smits) has been so odd about treating Annalise (Viola Davis) and Bonnie (Liza Weil), and why Jorge (Esai Morales) killed Wes (Alfred Enoch). Yep, we finally know what was behind that devastating shocker.
It turns out that Jorge didn't want Wes dead because Laurel (Karla Souza) was pregnant, or because he didn't think Wes was a good match for his daughter. No – as with seemingly everything in Jorge's life, this was about money. As the CEO of Antares Technologies, he wants to make sure everything's going to go smoothly with the press when Antares announces that they're going public. That latter detail is something Michaela (Aja Naomi King) and Oliver (Conrad Ricamora) pick up on after Jorge shows up for an emergency meeting at Caplan and Gold.
That might seem innocent enough — but if you'll recall, Laurel talked about her kidnapping on the stand in the past. And D.A. Denver (Benito Martinez) has files on everyone in Annalise's life, including Laurel. How does Wes play in? Well, we know Wes was killed shortly after approaching the police asking for blanket immunity before talking about Annalise. Denver and Jorge, through Dominic (Nicholas Gonzalez), teamed up to kill Wes to help both of their public images stay intact. The last thing Jorge needed was for potential investors to find out his daughter was connected to, say, Sam and Rebecca's deaths.
In Isaac's case, however, nothing is simple at all. Throughout the episode, we see two different conversations Isaac is having — one with a fellow therapist, Jacqueline, and one with Annalise. We learn more about who Isaac is from what he says to Jacqueline, who doesn't think he should keep treating Annalise. She thinks that hearing about Annalise's lost child is triggering for Isaac, suggesting he refer her to another therapist. He argues that he has a responsibility towards Annalise, but she says he also has a responsibility towards himself.
Eventually, Isaac storms out, but it's not the last we see of Jacqueline. She shows up outside Annalise's motel room (how does everyone know where Annalise is staying?) and introduces herself as Isaac's ex-wife. We also see a tearful Isaac watching a video that appears to have been taken at his daughter's graduation – given his statements earlier, it sounds like she's no longer alive.
Despite Isaac's insistence that Annalise feel her grief, though, the episode isn't all gloom for her. Denver is trying to take Claudia's house away — legally, his office can do that, since Claudia was dealing pot out of the home. But Annalise doesn't accept the news without a fight. (Quick refresher: Claudia was one of Annalise's former cellmates and one of the only people not to withdraw from the class action lawsuit.) With Connor's (Jack Falahee) help, she stages a press conference with Claudia's son, eliciting enough empathy that it seems like the suit will have no trouble moving forward. Oh, and she gets to give Denver a lecture in front of his entire office, which is a real treat.
Other loose ends: Asher (Matt McGorry) has had enough of Michaela's lies, so he gives Laurel a teddy bear as a way of doing the age-old hidden camera routine. Thanks to the bear, he learns that Michaela and Laurel have a lot more going on than just Lamaze classes — Michaela's sad excuse for why she's been so MIA — and he decides to hit the road. That's right! As Michaela finally tries to tell Asher about Jorge and Antares, he's decided it's too little, too late. And it's only fitting that Michaela's last words to him are "Promise to not tell anyone" – not "I love you."
Asher runs straight to Bonnie's, too — ostensibly looking for Frank (Charlie Weber), but there seems like a chance Asher and Bonnie could get back together. (Oh yeah, and Bonnie is also the A.D.A. now! She had to deal with Denver saying she was "too emotional," but still! A.D.A.!)
And speaking of Frank, he has his LSAT scores back, and they're good! Apparently, good enough for him to get into Middleton. He tells this news to Laurel, adding that he wants to be a father to the baby, no matter whose biological child it is.
As for the flash forwards, we're only a week ahead of the "Where's my baby?" events at this point. It makes a bit more sense now for Isaac to be calling Annalise — and it's not out of the question that the blood in the elevator could be Jacqueline's. Annalise doesn't answer the call, though, because she's sitting in a shower with her own feet covered in blood.
And, no, we're no closer to knowing what happened to Laurel's baby.
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