Did Taylor Swift Use North West In "Gorgeous"?

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Taylor Swift's new song "Gorgeous" has a tiny feature on it, and fans think it might be North West. At the beginning of the song, a small child says "gorgeous" — just who could that child be?
In the words of one Swiftie Redditor: "It's North West."
Their evidence lies in a Tumblr thread. One user wrote, "THE BABY VOICE JUST WAIT TIL YOU FIND OUT WHO IT IS" followed by the double eyes emoji. The user, a 15-year-old Swiftie with the handle shakeitoff6202, attended one of Taylor Swift's secret listening sessions on 13th October. Since then, he has teased that the child in "Gorgeous" is significant, and that Swift will at some point tell everyone who the child is.
North West has yet to appear in a song, but she did appear in the music video for "Only One" with her father Kanye West. She's also had a very public year. In August, Britney Spears' sons Sean and Jayden Federline interviewed her for Interview magazine, her first tell-all interview. (She shared some very illuminating things, like the fact that her favourite pizza topping is cheese.)
Also, according to a widespread theory about the tracks on Reputation, "Gorgeous" supposedly aligns with VMAs Taylor. Bear with me here: The theory posits that the tracks match the line of Taylor Swifts that appear in the final scene of the "Look What You Made Me Do" music video. The 8th "Taylor" in this line was VMAs Taylor — the girl in the silver dress who says, "I would very much like to excluded from this narrative." VMAs Taylor is at the centre of the Kanye West-Taylor Swift drama. You remember; he got on stage, took her award, and declared that Beyoncé had the best music video of all time.
Also, West has a song called "Gorgeous." So, there's that.
It's still very much unclear who the baby is, though, which means the internet developed a lot of entertaining theories. North West aside, there's a fun theory that Taylor Swift had a baby during her hiatus and the voice on "Gorgeous" is Baby Swift. Another more plausible one suggests it's Taylor's voice, an isolated audio clip from an old home movie. Another redditor shot down this theory by arguing the sound quality of the clip is too good for it to be from a home movie.
The most plausible possibility that it's Leo Thames, Taylor Swift's godson.
Then, there's Blue Ivy, who has appeared on a number of songs. She rapped for this first time this year on 4:44! What if she's the one saying "Gorgeous" at the beginning of the song?
Given Swift's history with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, though, the North West theory is by far the most intriguing. Stranger things have happened.
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