Rebecca Loses Her Conscience & Her Clothes In This Steamy Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Song

Photo: Courtesy of Robert Voets/The CW
Our heroine has some very cruel intentions on season 3 of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.
After being left at the altar by her one-time camp boyfriend turned fiancé Josh (Vincent Rodriguez III) in the season 2 finale, Rebecca (Rachel Bloom) has sworn revenge at any cost.
So far, that revenge has included mailing her poo to her ex, despite the protests of her newly-formed girl squad. However, Rebecca might soon wrap someone else into her schemes: her boss Nathaniel (Scott Michael Foster), who has taken an inexplicable liking to the jilted lover.
Now, TVLine has shared the sexiest song in Craziest Ex-Girlfriend history — which features Rebecca seducing Nathaniel while also attempting to silence her conscience.
Rebecca's musical numbers (which may or may not be figments of her imagination?) usually skew on the side of silly. Even the "Sexy Getting Ready Song," one of the very first numbers in The CW series, is poking fun at Rebecca's attempts at sexiness.
But in "Strip Away My Conscience," Rebecca's musical theatre-meets-seduction song, the titular crazy ex-girlfriend actually is getting hot and heavy with Nathaniel...who looks just as confused as he does turned on.
"Strip away my conscience/Peel away my values/Rip off my compassion with your teeth," sings Rebecca, while black-clad jazz dancers remove Rebecca's trench coat, revealing slinky lingerie underneath.
Unfortunately for Nathaniel, Rebecca is only attracted to him because, as she puts it, he's as ruthless as she wants to be. Is it a fair assessment for the lawyer? Maybe the one we met when he first appeared in season 2 — he did scoop up Darryl's law firm without a second thought — but Nathaniel is also the guy who stood up to Rebecca's d-bag dad at her wedding. The audience knows that Nathaniel is not a bad guy, but sadly, that's exactly who Rebecca wants at this moment.
Will Rebecca and Nathaniel hook up and join forces in evil, or will he be able to coax her back from the dark side? We'll have to wait until Friday's episode to find out.

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