Get Ready For An "Off The Rails" Rebecca On Season 3 Of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

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Hell hath no fury like a Rebecca Bunch scorned.
Season 2 of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend ended with Rachel Bloom's Rebecca being left at the altar by her former camp crush Josh Chan (Vincent Rodriguez), spurring the lawyer to swear revenge on the perpetually misguided West Covina resident. Now, according to season 3 spoilers from TVLine, Rebecca will go all-in on her plot to take down Josh — and it might take a toll on her psyche.
According to co-creator Bloom's interview with TVLine, Becs isn't hiding her feelings for Josh anymore — and by "feelings," I don't mean how she feels "warm inside, like glitter was exploding," as she did when she first re-encountered Josh back in the pilot episode. Nope: Rebecca is ready to ruin Josh, any way she possibly can.
"[Rebecca wants] to bring [Josh] down in any way [she] can," Bloom revealed to TVLine. "It’s a very guttural, visceral thing."
Showrunner Aline Brosh McKenna echoed the statement:
"It kind of feels like we’re finally getting to the really meaty heart of this dynamic…this is definitely the revenge part of the 'crazy ex’ concept.' The vengeful part...Her car was barely on the rails for most of [season] 2, and now it really is starting to get off the rails."
Rebecca may go the Fatal Attraction route this season, but don't expect the series to stick to the surface level. At the show's core, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is about a woman dealing with her own personal struggles, which, yes, include mental health issues. The series was explicit about this last season: In the season 2 finale, it was revealed that Rebecca, who dealt with abandonment issues thanks to her absentee father and emotionally unavailable mother, had spent time in a mental health facility following a breakup with her married college professor boyfriend. The reason? Rebecca had burned down the professor's apartment following his rejection.
"She's just a girl in love, she can't be held responsible for her actions!," Rebecca's mother tells the judge at a hearing, echoing the season 2 theme song.
As excited as I am for the titular "crazy ex-girlfriend" to live up to her name (fingers crossed there is some plot point about putting Nair in Josh's shampoo), I trust this show not to mock the very real, and often very painful emotions associated with this kind of erratic behavior. Perhaps the end of Rebecca's revenge journey won't be about finally punishing Josh (who, let's be honest, did totally suck last season) but about finding a way back to herself.

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