Two Lannisters Are Teaming Up For A New TV Series

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We still have one season left of Game of Thrones, but that doesn't mean that the cast isn't already excited about working together on other projects. In fact, two of GoT's Lannister men are already working on a brand-new TV show — so prepare for it to become your new obsession.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, Peter Dinklage and Charles Dance are executive producing Quasimodo, a new series based on Victor Hugo's The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
Per the report, Dinklage, who plays Tyrion on the perpetually discussed HBO series, and Dance, who portrayed Tywin before Tyrion shot him, will also join Game of Thrones executive producer Frank Doelger on the project. Talk about a Westerosi reunion — should the series happen, of course.
The project is one of the early drama pitches for Atrium TV, which THR reports is a new association of international streaming and telecommunication platforms. Atrium TV's goal is to create high-quality content by co-developing and co-financing projects. Basically, it could be the home for the next Game of Thrones — and not just because of its producers' pedigree.
Fans of the Disney animated movie may think they know the story of the titular Quasimodo, but Hugo's 1831 Gothic novel is a lot darker than talking gargoyles. (Though, umm, let's not forget that the Disney flick also showed a priest burning down villagers' homes while they were still inside.) In the original work, the evil Frollo has Esmeralda killed, and a heartbroken Quasi goes to the graveyard, lays next to her body, and dies of starvation.
Yep, that seriously disturbing plot point seems on brand for the Game of Thrones team.
No word yet on whether Dinklage and Dance will join the cast of the series, but I'm secretly hoping that Dance portrays Frollo in the new TV epic. Of course, whoever these actors play — and even if they exclusively stick to behind-the-scenes creativity — this is one series that may make us a little less bummed about having such little Game of Thrones left.

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