AHS Unmasked One Of Its Scary Clowns

Photo: Courtesy of FX.
Call it some serendipitous timing, but scary clowns seem to be having a major renaissance thanks to It, Halloween in general, and the current season of American Horror Story. Viewers know that Pennywise is just a steaming hot Skarsgard brother in major makeup, but fans of AHS have to dig a little deeper to figure out who's under the masks on Cult. Thanks to PopSugar and the preview for this week's episode, however, one clown got unmasked.
Anyone who skips out on the snippets for next week missed a major clue. While last week's episode, "11/9," gave AHS fans a glimpse at exactly who had elected to be a part of Kai's cult, it takes a little more to see who's behind the scary masks. Some viewers may have already made the connection between the newly minted cult and the murderous clowns, but a clip from the preview pretty much cements that theory into a solid foundation.
PopSugar notes that in one scene, there's a glimpse of Beverly Hope (Adina Porter) wearing the exact same dress that the pentagram-faced, hands-sprouting-out-of-her-head clown wears during the group's murderous rampages. It's not just a fashion coincidence, either. From the shirt itself to the suspenders, it's an exact match. The site adds that there's another clue hidden in the clown's appearance. The pentagram-faced clown doesn't show any skin at all. Since Hope probably wants to keep her real-life identity under wraps (being a public figure and all), it makes sense that she'd want to hide her skin colour while she's out killing.
With those dots connected and one clown identified, viewers can pay a little more attention to those weekly previews. Coming up this week, there's a brand-new clown with an elephant head, more clips of Hope's role at the news station, and Kai's creepy-meets-charismatic ways coming to the forefront of the community. Just the usual AHS stuff.
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