There’s A Special Meaning To Ryan Gosling's Necklace

Photo: Ian West/PA Images/Getty Images
It's easy to argue that no one is quite as cute as Ryan Gosling...until you see a photo of Gosling's dog, George.
The terrier, who once accompanied the La La Land actor to an interview on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, was last spotted with his famous father heading to the vet in December of 2016. Now, the Blade Runner 2049 star is honoring his beloved pet by wearing a necklace that celebrates the pup.
If you've noticed that gold necklace Gosling sometimes wears during major events, it seems to be a way of keeping his dog close. According to Us Weekly, that necklace is actually George's dog tags on a chain.
Gosling has yet to speak out about why he started wearing George's tags around his neck, but it's clear that the bond between Gosling and his beloved terrier is a strong one.
This isn't the first time that the Oscar nominee has worn a dog-related accessory on the red carpet. According to Us Weekly, he previously wore a necklace with the name "Hugo" on it, in honor of the pup of his longtime partner, Eva Mendes.
Gosling isn't the only major Hollywood star to show lots of love for their pets. Miley Cyrus is so into her animals that she once wrote a song about her deceased pet blowfish. Chrissy Teigen celebrated her pup's birthday on Instagram. Chris Evans shared a pic recently about just how much he misses his dog Dodger while he's off shooting movies.
Yep, Hollywood is full of fellow dog lovers — though Gosling's dog necklace is definitely a move all his own.

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