People Can't Believe American Students Have To Share Dorm Rooms & Their Reactions Are Priceless

There are lots of cultural differences between American colleges and British unis. One of the major ones is that students in the U.S. often stay in cramped dorm rooms — sometimes with five other people! — while over here, we get our own rooms.
For many of those stateside who move away to attend college, this apparently teaches important lessons, like how to negotiate over space with roommates, how to share a bathroom with 10 other people without freaking out, and why it's super-important to leave a sock on the door. But, at least according to a discussion that recently erupted on Twitter, British students just can't believe the hellish living conditions of American students. (Fancy, decked-out dorm rooms notwithstanding.)
Some people couldn't fathom it when they learned that, those who go away for college in America have to share rooms with strangers (at least during the first year).
A lot of dorms cost as much as regular flats, but they're nowhere near as nice, so this is a totally valid point.
Yes, life is unfair, you guys.