Want To Break An Emmys Record? Hook Up With Hannah Horvath

The 2017 Emmys may have bizarrely honoured Sean Spicer, but they also gave plenty of credit where it's due. In addition to taking home the trophy for Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series, Donald Glover made Emmys history by winning the award for Outstanding Director on his series Atlanta, making him the first Black person to earn the accolade. The Night Of star Riz Ahmed also broke the mould by being the first man of Asian descent to win an acting Emmy. (Yes, it's 2017. Yes, that's ridiculous.)
However, these two men have more in common than just acting chops and the ability to break records: They also dated Lena Dunham's character on Girls, something that the series' co-showrunner Jenni Konner couldn't help but point out on Instagram.
"Hannah's got great taste in Emmy winners," joked Konner in the caption.

Hannah has great taste in Emmy winners.

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Fans may remember that Glover portrayed Hannah's one-time boyfriend Sandy during the second season of the HBO series. A Republican, Hannah couldn't get over the pair's presumed differences — which Sandy was quick to call Hannah out on. Hannah, not exactly the most self-aware human on the planet, whitesplained the Black experience to Sandy before kicking him to the curb.
Ahmed's character Paul-Louis is a little bit more significant to Hannah's world — if only because, well, he inadvertently became the father of Hannah's baby. A surf expert whom Hannah has a brief fling with in Montauk, Paul-Louis opts out of being in her baby's life, but does inspire Hannah to name him Grover. (Fortunately, no one thought Cookie Monster was a good call.)
Of course, Girls wasn't exactly a stepping stone for these actors — Glover was an actor on Community and writer for 30 Rock, while Ahmed was already breaking hearts on The Night Of. Still, it's kind of an amazing coincidence that both men who hooked up with Hannah Horvath took home record-breaking Emmys the very same year that Girls took its final bow.

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