Lena Dunham Is Working On A New Show & Yes, It’s Going To Be Awkward

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After six seasons, Lena Dunham said goodbye to Girls, but she's ready to say hello to TV again. Not just as an actress, since we already know Dunham's appearing on this season of American Horror Story. No, she's already creating a new show with her professional partner Jenni Konner.
In an interview with People at the second anniversary celebration of Lenny Letter, Dunham revealed she's writing a new TV show. “We can’t say anything right now except that you’ll definitely see some more awkward situations and people showing their darker selves,” she said.
Basically, if you loved Girls this new show will likely be up your alley. Of course, as of now, we know nothing else about the show. We don't know if Dunham will act in it or if any of her Girls co-stars could appear. After all, Jemima Kirke is a little busy with her new TV show Strangers, the new Facebook original series (executive produced by Refinery29 and Beachside Productions). It's all a secret for now and Dunham seems to like it that way.
When talking to People, Dunham laid out her upcoming release schedule, which includes a new movie coming out on HBO next month and a documentary series based on Lenny Letter also on HBO. “That’s different from the TV project and that’s different than the movie that’s airing next month,” Dunham said, offering no further details. “So we’re feeling lucky and busy.”
Last year, Dunham told The Hollywood Reporter that she wanted Lenny "to be a part of something that gives opportunities." At the time she was in negotiations with HBO to create "a series of 22-minute short films written and directed by women." She was also working on Max, a 1960s-set feminism comedy pilot starring Zoe Kazan. No word yet if either of these projects are what she's teasing.
One thing we do know is Dunham is playing Valerie Solanas on AHS: Cult. She's the very real woman who gained infamy after attempting to assassinate Andy Warhol and created S.C.U.M., a manifesto that encouraged women to kill all men. Like Dunham's upcoming project, AHS is bound to get awkward once she makes her debut.
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