Who Lena Dunham & Emma Roberts Are Playing In AHS: Cult Has Been Revealed

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When news drops about the new season of American Horror Story, excitement and fan theories reach a fever pitch ahead of the premiere. So, when Ryan Murphy confirmed what has been rumored on Reddit for weeks, we were excited: We knew that both Lena Dunham and Emma Roberts were going to be in this season, but now it has been confirmed exactly who their roles would be. And they are doozies.
Dunham will be playing Valerie Solanas, the woman who gained infamy after attempting to assassinate Andy Warhol and created S.C.U.M., a manifesto that encouraged women to kill all men. She won't appear until episode 7, but her role helps to bring the central point of the season to center. As Murphy explained at a press conference for the season, AHS: Cult will "examine how these people rise to power."
Emma Roberts will also be joining this season, this time in the role of Serina Belinda, a newscaster who finds herself in hot water when a promotion amplifies her determination to survive, by any means necessary.
Though they'll only be having one-episode appearances each, both Roberts and Dunham's roles — along with the rest of the female cast of the season — will bring home Murphy's highlight of "female rage that is in the country now." He has also said that he hopes to focus on the divide across the country after from Trump's election.
The teaser trailer has dropped, though AHS: Cult won't premiere until September 5th.
But even though this season will look drastically different than the seasons before it, since it will reportedly contain no supernatural entities, we're looking forward to what is to come.
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