Search Party Is Funnier & Deadlier Than Ever

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If the first season resembled a Nancy Drew novel, then season 2 of Search Party is more like an Edgar Allan Poe story: specifically, "The Tell-Tale Heart."
When we last left our characters on the TBS dark comedy, Dory had just learned the truth about the missing girl at the center of the titular search. However, while Dory was secretly hoping to uncover a grand conspiracy, one connected to cults and bloody clothing found in the woods, the truth was much simpler than she could have ever expected. "Gone girl" Chantal (Clare McNulty) merely ran away, and declined to tell anyone where she was because... well, she was just a teensy bit self-absorbed.
The missing girl drama may have been a dud, but (un)fortunately for the thrill-seeking Dory, a real crime was just around the corner. After incorrectly assuming that Keith (Ron Livingston), the private detective Dory had been hooking up with, was actually Chantal's murderer, Dory killed him "in self defense."
However, Keith turned out to be just as innocent in the whole ordeal as Dory himself. (He wasn't looking for anything except the reward money, which is scummy, but not serial killer-y.)
The season 2 trailer suggests bigger things are afoot for Dory, none of which are good. Her boyfriend Drew (John Reynolds) and friends Elliott (John Early) and Portia (Meredith Hagner) are cool with burying a body at first, but not as cool with it when messages show up, proving that someone knows what they did.
Could it be Chantal, who is all over Drew in the season 2 trailer? Is Keith really alive, and just trolling everyone?
One thing is for sure: Dory will never be the same.
"The way I describe it is the first season Dory was looking for herself, and then she found herself but she was terrified of what she sees," Shawkat told Refinery29 during the Turner Upfront Presentation. "So now the second season is like, how do you deal with it once you’ve found it?"
"I find it very scary," said John Early, whose character Elliott loses his cool when digging a hole for Keith's body becomes too strenuous, told Refinery29. "We did a read through of the first five scripts and I was genuinely like, 'This makes me so anxious.'"
Check out the new trailer below.

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