Alia Shawkat & Her Search Party Costars Promise An "Intense" & "Scary" Second Season

Photo: Courtesy of TBS.
Consider this the official kickoff of Search Party's second season. The TBS show captured hearts back in 2016 as the "hipster Gone Girl" of TV, putting a twee spin on a gritty city mystery. But, according to star Alia Shawkat, who spoke to Refinery29 along with other members of the cast at Turner Upfront Presentation in New York City Wednesday morning, if last season was Nancy Drew, season 2 is "Hitchcock paranoia."
"I find it very scary," added John Early, who plays Elliott on the cult hit. "We did a read through of the first five scripts and I was genuinely like, 'This makes me so anxious.'"
"I mean, they murdered someone," John Reynolds, the actor behind Dory's hapless boyfriend Drew, pointed out, referring to the events of the first season's finale. Now the gang is "dealing with the aftermath both psychologically and practically."
Shawkat tells us that she new season isn't just going to rehash the same structure as the first ("It’s definitely not going to be, like, 'Another search! Who can I follow now?'"). While all members of the cast were pretty tight-lipped about the details of the next season, they were adamant that the show will continue to explore the same story, picking up after Dory put her life at risk for a mystery that ended up not really being a mystery at all. That being said, it isn't just same old, same old — Early reveals that the second season will feature "new characters played by very exciting actors."
"The way I describe it is the first season Dory was looking for herself, and then she found herself but she was terrified of what she sees," Shawkat continued. "So now the second season is like, how do you deal with it once you’ve found it?"
The new season doesn't yet have an official release date, but we'll get our notebooks and magnifying glasses and hipster clogs ready just in case.

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